Tweak Google Menu (outdated)

By TomasJLA Last update Jan 3, 2012 — Installed 8,868 times.

Script Summary: Change the Google menu options order or add/remove options. Make toolbar thinner. Decide if Google services open in the same tab/window or in a new one. And activate the new Google toolbar if it's not activated yet.

Version: 0.573

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Please, don't install this script anymore. Google has changed again his plans and removed the new menu bar so this script is now useless. I will only keep here for future refereces. Sorry but I can't do anything right now.


  • Activate automatically the new Google toolbar if it's not activated yet.
  • Customize order of menu options using drag and drop.
  • Add or remove options from the menu.
  • Add new options to the menu: Picasa,Android Market,URL Shortener,and many more...
  • Customize the size of the Google toolbar.
  • Customize if you want to open the options pages in a new tab/window or in the same.


Change options order.Click over the option and then, drag and drop the option to the new position.
You can move options from main menu to secondary menu.
You can do the same from configuration menu.
Access configuration menu.Click over 'Even More' button to access configuration menu.
On this screen you can configure most of the menu customizations.
When you are done, press 'Apply Changes' to save the new configuration.
Add options to the menu.On configuration menu, under 'Other Available Options' you will find all the options that are available. Click over the option you want to add and then drag an drop to the new position under 'Main menu' or 'Secondary menu'.
Remove options from the menu.Click over the option and then, drag and drop the option to the 'Remove' spot that is under 'More' button.
Or on configuration menu, click over the option you want to remove and then drag an drop under 'Other Available Options'.
Customize open options pages behaviour.On configuration menu, check the option 'Open pages in a new tab/window.' to open the options pages in a new tab/window. Or uncheck to open them in the same tab/window.
Customize toolbar sizeOn configuration menu, check the option 'Change toolbar size' and change the size value.(72 default / 48 recomended).



Licencia de Creative Commons
Tweak Google Menu by Tomas J. Luis Alemany is licensed under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento-CompartirIgual 3.0 Unported License.

Currently this script is in beta development stage. So, use it under your own responsability.

During this stage of development, it could happen that, after an upgrade installation, you lost the button customization. I'm sorry for this and I will try to avoid it, but understand that it's still a beta.

Google is still deploying the new toolbar so currently not all the services support it yet.
Supported services known at this moment: Web search, images search, videos search, Google Plus and Reader.

Known Issues

  • Unfortunatelly the new Google toolbar can only be activated on Google Plus page if you have configured 'English' as primary language. You can change it here. I'm sorry but I can't do anything about this at this moment. Ask Google to release the new toolbar for the rest of the languages. ;-)


Tested on:

- Mozilla Firefox 8.0
- Google Chrome 15.0.874.121

Todo/Future features/Ideas/Requests:

  • Develop a better UI to configure the options. In progress
  • Translate to other languages. Actually it's only in English.
  • Get compatibility with other browser. At least with Google Chrome. Done
  • Show the Gmail unread emails.
  • Show the Reader unread news.
  • Add the possibility to add your custom buttons.
  • Add Google Voice button. Done
  • Option to open pages from the menu in the same window or in a new tab. Done
  • Option to customize the heigth of the new toolbar. Done
For bug or requests you can contact me here or sending me a message to my Google+ profile.


0.573 Fix: position of 'Remove' spot.
0.572 Updated to lastest jquery api.
0.571 Added new option to remove items using drag and drop from the menu directly.
0.57 Code cleanup. Added new configuration options: Toolbar thinner and now you can customize the menu options over the menu directly.
0.563 Code cleanup.
0.561 Code cleanup. Added new configuration options: define URL target and reset to defaults.
0.56 Code cleanup. Added Google Voice option (user request) and some other options.
0.5532 Fix: LocalStorage API - getValue function.
0.5531 Fix: fixed (really now) a minor issue in configuration menu.
0.553 Fix: minor issue in configuration menu.
0.552 Fix: stupid error in the URL of Translate service.
0.551 Fix: stupid error in the URL of URL Shortener service.
0.55 General code revision. Added graphical configuration system. Fix: "ghost" menu bug on unsupported services.
0.541 Improved compatibility with Google Chrome.
0.54 Added function to activate the new Google Toolbar if it's not yet. Thanks to @Boondoklife:
0.53 Added a basic user interface to customize the options.
0.52 Minor fix: first run key definition.
0.51 Added compatibility with Google Chrome.
0.5 First release. Still in beta.