MusicBrainz: Copyable artist credits

By bitmap Last update Nov 19, 2013 — Installed 1,642 times.

Script Summary: Adds buttons to copy/paste artist credits. Saves you from having to reenter large credits multiple times. (Works in Firefox/Chrome/Opera/Epiphany.)

Version: 2013-11-19


Update 2013/11/19:
- Works outside of the release editor again.

Update 2013/11/18:
- Fix brokenness since recent server update.
- Better UI.
- No longer works outside of the release editor tracklist, but hopefully this'll be fixed soon.

Update 2013/05/22:
- Make it work on beta again (broke after jQuery upgrade)

Update 2013/01/19:
- Don't run the script on /ws/* pages

Update 2012/10/14:
- https:// support

Update 2012/04/17:
- Compatibility with browsers that don't have JSON.stringify (Opera 10.10).

Update 2012/04/06:
- Join phrases weren't working on certain pages.

Update 2012/01/30:
- Automatically select JSON when clicking in the text fields.

Update 2012/01/02:
- Fixed bugs and other weird behavior in the release editor.

Update 2011/11/30:
- Works correctly now when adding a new release, and on new tracks added while editing a release.

Update 2011/11/24:
- Added a checkbox to allow changing all credits identical to the one you're editing (in the release editor).
- Rewrote parts of the script in plain JavaScript for improved performance.