The West - Battles Stats

By *_Narulez_* Last update Jul 25, 2012 — Installed 13,872 times.

Script Summary: Gets, organizes and exports various stats in the popular browser game The West

Version: 2.0

Copyright: 2011+, Narulez (

License: (CC) Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike;

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


I didn't do this script only for fun, I started developing it to help Italian admins in tournaments. There are two warnings you have to keep in mind:
  1. The servers load requested by this script is very huge, mostly updating the Duels Highscore, so you have to use it responsibly. Ex: don't update data every minute, you really don't need it ;)
  2. This script uses the Datamining, so you have to check if scripts that uses it are prohibited in your servers.


  • The West: 1.36
  • Firefox: tested with 14.0.1 with Scriptish 0.1.7
  • Chrome: tested with 20.0.1132.57 m


  • All starts from a button that appears under the left menu.
  • Calculates and exports two different type of player highscores: the first ordered by experience gained (exp gained * duel level / lost duels) during the time range, the second ordered by duels won during the time range.
  • Displays info for the players added: name, city, alliance and all duel highscore data.
  • Gets and displays data from duel reports.
  • Makes different highscores from duel reports: higher single hit made and suffered, higher total damage made and suffered in a duel, higher attacker/defender experience, gain, bounty received.
  • Translate the lang pack!! (list of translated)

Next Features

To Do

  • Better Formulas Tab
  • Export Fort Stats
  • Png Duels Exception
  • Pages in Fortbattles Summary
  • Per-Town Fortbattles Stats


  • 2.0

    • Added Fortbattles support, finally!
    • Added IndexedDB Storage
    • Improved code
    • Dropped "official" support for 1.35 (all servers should have 1.36 now)
    • Fixed HighDuels for 1.36
    • Fixed SingleDuels when dollars received are more than 999
    • Fixed some other bugs that I don't remember
    • Note for translators: added a lot of new strings, check the Translation Sample Pack!
  • 1.9.1

    • Changed: now saves settings automatically
    • Fixed some small and critical bugs
    • Dropped support for 1.33: do not update if your servers have it!
  • 1.9

    • Added ability to use external Language Packs. A link to a list of them will be avaiable on the homepage of the script
    • Added About tab, moved update button there
    • Added Chrome compatibility as native extension
    • Improved Chrome compatibility with Tampermonkey installed
    • Improved: registering with the The West Api will work without altering the original code
    • Improved code
    • Changed version numbering
    • Fixed for 1.35 (still works from 1.33)
    • Fixed some bugs
    • Prepared for caching with IndexedDB
    • Removed Português and Español (They will be avaiable as external Language Packs, Italian will remain built-in)
  • 1.8.3

    • Added Português
    • Fixed and speeded up sorting infos in Duels Highscores
    • Fixed some bugs
  • 1.8.2

    • Fixed updater (if you have v1.8 installed, you won't see any update)
  • 1.8.1

    • Updated Español (thanks pepe100)
  • 1.8

    • Added export (only Duels Highscores)
    • Improved code for TW 1.34
    • Changed updater: now internally uses the SOM Updater (slightly modified and adapted)
    • Fixed opening duel report in summary
    • Fixed some small bugs
  • 1.7.1

    • Added getting profession (only on TW 1.34)
    • Changed graphic of language selection
    • Updated Español (thanks pepe100)
    • Fixed for latest update of TW 1.34 (always works on 1.33)
    • Fixed a bug saving settings
  • 1.7

    • Added more highscores in Single Duels
    • Added sorting in Single Duels
    • Added more sorting types in Duels Highscores
    • Added Español (thanks pepe100)
    • Improved code
    • Changed: Single Duels are sorted by data (old first) in summary
    • Changed: saving settings is not automatic any more
    • Changed: data is saved in a different way. If you lose data, please don't update it but contact me!
    • Fixed images
    • Fixed bugs (one critical when changing language from forced to non-forced)
  • 1.6.2

    • Added getting bounty received in Single Duels
    • Fixed getting money gained in Single Duels
    • Fixed again the The West Api (now it always works)
  • 1.6.1

    • Fixed progress bar (again)
    • Fixed register with The West Api (the The West script is bugged, I fixed it, even if it doesn't work always)
  • 1.6

    • Added Single Duels support!
    • Added some highscores for Single Duels. They're not yet sortable
    • Improved code: unwrapped and simplified!
    • Improved: Battles Stats window is now minimizable
    • Improved: script registered with The West Api
    • Changed icon
    • Changed: moved settings tab first
    • Fixed progress bar for TW 1.34
    • Fixed minor bugs
  • 1.5

    • Added Speed Mode
    • Added sorting other columns
    • Improved code: adding players and reloading data will not block the The West window any more, even with Speed Mode deactivated!
    • Improved code: even faster opening and reloading the TWBS window
    • Improved code/graphic: now TWBS uses the new The West windows style
    • Improved percent row, even with the original The West style
    • Fixed getting world on beta server
    • Fixed various minor bugs
  • 1.4

    • Added sorting some columns
    • Improved code: faster opening and reloading the TWBS window
    • Fixed bug sorting highscore by experience
    • Fixed bug if there are start/end spaces adding single player
  • 1.3

    • Added link to recover data (all inserted players name)
    • Improved changing language (you won't have to refresh the page)
    • Improved graphic
    • Improved code
    • Fixed displaying wrong data on highscore by experience table
    • Fixed wrong title for wrong name case
    • Fixed player name containing *
  • 1.2

    • Added ability to insert more players together writing "[player1, player2, ...]" without quotes
    • Added and edited some phrases for translation
    • Improved graphic (minor)
    • Fixed possible incompatibility issues with some old browsers
    • Fixed calculation in highscore by experience if lost duels are 0
  • 1.1

    • Added getting automatically the player id: only name required!
    • Added getting more information from profile and duels highscore.
    • Added highscore by experience gained between start and end time
    • Added highscore by most won duels between start and end time
    • Added more phrases for translation
    • Added link to reset data
    • Improved requests to server and response analyses
    • Improved data displaying
    • Improved code (minor)
    • Fixed graphic (minor)
    • Note: you NEED to reset or immedately update your data
  • 1.0

    • Initial Version