Facebook custom app hider

By ms609 Last update Dec 3, 2007 — Installed 11,790 times.

Script Summary: Version 0.14. Choose which custom applications Facebook displays, by simply clicking "X" on those you don't want to see.

Version: 0.14: Update to reflect new FaceBook code - thanks Ali Karbassi!

There are lots of variations of this script around: this is the only one to allow YOU to effortlessly decide which applications you want to appear!

This script will add a cross to each application on a user page; just click it, and you'll never be bothered by that app again - in user profiles, or mini-feeds!

A non-intrusive section at the bottom of each page lists the applications you've blocked, and allows you to restore them should you change your mind.

Fixed since version 0.7, with the welcome assistance of Johan Sundström:
* Cross-network support added
* You can choose to hide all apps by default, only seeing those you individually approve.
* Blocked apps now hidden from Mini-feed

Latest update (v 0.14) now includes:
*Integration with icon list.
*A "requests" box that disappears when empty
Thanks to Ali Karbassi for helping fix problems arising when Facebook changed their site layout!

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