Reddit Show Hidden Emotes

By ArbitraryEntity Last update Oct 25, 2012 — Installed 1,844 times.

Script Summary: Show empty emotes (links with no text or image)

Version: 1.4.2


Version 1.4.2: Add @grant none for GreaseMonkey 1.0. Blacklist the # links on r/minecraft.
Version 1.4.1: Fix regexs for domains other than (e.g.
Version 1.4: Fix expanding the /sp "emote" on r/mylittlepony, support for never ending reddit & RES dashboard
Version 1.3: Find emotes in text expandos, use class instead of inline style for better performance, fix a couple instances of expanding things that weren't emotes.
Version 1.2: Fix F7U12 emotes


If you're running greasemonkey scripts to add other emote stylesheets this script needs to be set to run last, otherwise it will think those emotes are blank. To do this go to "Manage Greasemonkey Scripts" on the greasmonkey menu, right click "Reddit Show Hidden Emotes" and pick "Execute last".

While it tries to compensate for it, because of the window.setTimeout call in andysonic's emote script I can't prevent it from trying to expand those if they take to long to load.

Obligatory Screenshot:

(Using Super Reddit Alt-Text Display to display the emote text)