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By Albert Park Last update Apr 15, 2014 — Installed 45,746 times.

Script Summary: This script improves Google Mail's new look to be more neat and save space with additional keyboard shortcuts (set display density to compact) [all ads & feedback removed]

Version: 3.2.11

Copyright: 2011 - 2014, Albert Park;

License: Creative Commons;

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Opera 15

If you are using Opera version 15 or above you can now install this script through the Chrome Web Store.
Here is a detailed instruction on how to use Chrome Extensions in Opera browsers.


Google has committed a new style and look for gmail on November 1st, 2011. Do you feel like the compact look is incomplete? This script improves and completes the look and field of the compact view. Tired of seeing the top black bar and annoying ads? Let this script be your best friend and hide that banner and those ads. Enjoy!

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* Supports and tested on chrome & firefox browsers!

* Compatible Labs:
   • Preview Pane
   • Right-side Chat
   • Message Sneak Peek
   • Multiple Inbox
   • Google Calendar Gadget

Please feel free to drop any suggestions to improve this script.

Update: New version Version 3.2.11

[Check the history section for full details] ↓↓↓

Use shortcut keys to make gmail even more compact.
Check back periodically to ensure you have the latest script.
Make sure to change your display settings.
• Remove all ads and feedback
• Fast access to Google+
• Hide annoying yellow notifications
• Adjust attachment position
• Display labels as folder name
• Align labels to right side
• Minimize labels and hover to expand
• Minimize chat windows when opening emails or composes
• Minimize compose drafts when opening emails or composes
• Normalize email contents
• Hide Google maps info within emails
• Hide reply or forward section
• Hide unread labels count
• Hide 'not starred' icons
• Hide footer section
• Show unread message count on favicon
• Sound notification and do not disturb mode
• Toggle favicon when new chat messages are received
• Use shortcut key to hide Navigation Bar
• Use shortcut key to hide Search Bar
• Use shortcut key to hide People Widget
• Use shortcut key to hide Left Panel


• Korean
• Polish
• Portuguese (partial)
• Simplified Chinese
• French
• Spanish
• Spanish (Latin America and Caribbean)
• Japanese
Add a translation into your language -


Compact & Slim UI
Hide Google Bar w/ shortcut key
Hide Left Panel w/ shortcut key
Hide People Widget w/ shortcut key
Compatible w/ Split Pane Modes
Compatible w/ Right-side Chat
Gmail Compact Settings UI


Apr 15 20143.2.11 • Fixed Google Apps icons
• Fixed shadow line on delegated accounts
• Fixed shadow line when Multinbox lab is turned on
• Fixed User Control Button to show correct profile icon
• Fixed User Control Button not showing up on legacy accounts
• Fixed User Control Button menu on Multinbox lab is turned on
• Fixed favicon randomly switching to chat favicon
• Implemented zooming in/out to work properly via ctrl + mouse wheel scroll
• Updated various UI changes
Dec 13 20133.2.10 • Fixed a bug for shortcut keys being triggered inside editablecontent
• Fixed Chat favicon to toggle with the new Hangout feature (all languages that is supported by Gmail Compact)
• Updated minor UI changes
Dec 06 20133.2.9 • Fixed Google Logo on top left for different Gmail themes
• Fixed `Auto focus Search box when toggled`
• Fixed search bar to be visible when focused by Gmail shortcut key
• Fixed minor UI change
Nov 26 20133.2.8 • Added keyboard shortcut keys for Gmail Compact Settings ('\' or '|')
• Fixed Google logo
• Fixed Chat favicon to toggle with the new Hangout feature (only for English)
• Removed the option to hide User Control Button
• Added Japanese language
Oct 25 20133.2.7 • Fixed a bug where shortcut keys will trigger in an input field
Oct 22 20133.2.6 • Fixed Gmail changes on Google Bar layout
Oct 22 20133.2.5 • Fixed Gmail changes on Google Bar layout
Oct 17 20133.2.4 • Fixed Gmail changes on Google Bar layout
• Yellow notifications can be closed with ESC shortcut key
• Minor css changes
• Added Hungarian language
Oct 10 20133.2.3 • Fixed a bug where User Control Button not showing up on some users
• Updated Simplified Chinese language
• Updated Korean language
• Updated Portuguese language
Oct 09 20133.2.2 • New feature to minimize compose drafts when opening emails
• Fixed Right-side Chat panel to show up properly
• Fixed Youtube video height within emails
• Fixed several component styles that were being updated by Google
Oct 04 20133.2.1 • Fixed Gmail Compact to work with the Google's new implementation
• Implemented the new 'Google Bar' features to match the Gmail Compact design
• Improved the Hangout history page layout
• Optimized screenshots for the settings
• Updated Simplified Chinese language
Sept 09 20133.2 • New logo
• Added social buttons on settings
• Re-arranged some of the options to more apporpriate category/tab
• Improved settings with screenshots of each options
• New feature to adjust attachment position
• New feature to show unread message count on favicon
• New feature to enable sound notification and do not disturb mode
• New feature to toggle favicon when new chat messages are received
• New feature to hide unread labels count
• New feature to hide 'not starred' icons
• New feature to hide footer section
Aug 21 20133.1.17 • Improved opening emails in new window/tab
• Improved the new compose on full screen and new window/tab
• Improved all the popup UI featured on the new compose
• Updated Simplified Chinese language
• Updated Portuguese language
Aug 07 20133.1.16 • Improved Google+ notification bell alignment
• Improved script to adapot to the new changes made in Gmail
Jul 31 20133.1.15 • Fixed minor bugs with the new changes in Gmail
• Fixed a bug viewing attachments in Google Docs for firefox
• Improved Google Chat/Hangout history page layout
• Improved keyboard shortcuts key triggers
Jul 24 20133.1.14 • Added an option to "Show/Hide Search bar" with a mouse click on the User Control Button
• Escape key can now close Gmail Compact Settings
• Fixed Gmail Compact to adopt to the new ID changes in Gmail
• Fixed minimizing labels marked on emails
• Fixed labels displaying as folder name
• Revert popup profile image back to its default size
Jul 23 20133.1.13 • Fixed Gmail Compact to adopt to the new ID changes in Gmail
• Improved the new reply and compose layout
• Improved Google Calendar gadget to utilize full space
Jul 22 20133.1.12 • Added Gmail Compact loading message
• Added an error message when Gmail Compact does not load properly
• Changed Gmail Compact Settings Save button to blue color
• Fixed the unsafeWindow issue for chrome browsers
• Improved Google Calendar gadget to utilize wasted empty space
• Improved loading default script languages in English
• Improved the white popup messages layout
• Removed Google Reader button and options
Jul 11 20133.1.11 • Improved the resize event for Firefox
Jun 26 20133.1.10 • Improved the resize event and fixed the flickering on Chrome browsers
Jun 25 20133.1.9 • Improved the new 'Inbox Tabs' features to match the Gmail Compact design
• Fixed a bug where unsafeWindow was not being defined
Apr 15 20133.1.8 • Fixed a bug where javascript won't load on OSX Mountain Lion
Mar 28 20133.1.7 • Supports Spanish (Latin America and Caribbean) language
Mar 26 20133.1.6 • Added Gmail Compact keyboard shortcuts on the help menu
• Improved script to run on any display density mode
• Improved contacts page from overlapping right-side chat panel
• Improved Spanish language
Mar 25 20133.1.5 • Fixed a bug where replying or forwarding emails would lose focus or go blank
• Improved Google+ streaming messages style format
• Improved language input settings button style format
• Improved script performance
• Supports Spanish language
Mar 10 20133.1.4 • Improved script to only fetch the metadata block for USO
Mar 09 20133.1.3 • Improved alignment for UI buttons
• Supports French language
Mar 07 20133.1.2 • Default setting value for shortcuts to hide Navigation Bar on first install
• Minor changes to Simplified Chinese translation
Mar 06 20133.1.1 • Changed normalized emails to have its background color
• Fixed a bug where composed emails would go blank occasionally
• Fixed a bug where chat windows would maximize when minimized manually
• Fixed a bug where folder name get reset back to its full label name
• Fixed a bug where saved Gmail Compact settings gets reset when a new version is available
• Supports Simplified Chinese language
Mar 01 20133.1 • New feature to display labels as folder name only
Feb 20 20133.0.6 • Fixed localization displaying 'unknown message' for Polish
Feb 19 20133.0.5 • Compatible with Multiple Inbox enabled
• Fixed a bug where back to inbox button would not work correctly on Firefox
• Fixed a bug where shadow line would not align correctly when toggling left panel
Feb 11 20133.0.4 • Improved normalize to remove background color
• Improved sneak peak style format
• Normalize is applied to sneak peak emails when enabled
Feb 06 20133.0.3 • Fixed a bug where hiding reply/forward would not send emails correctly
Feb 06 20133.0.2 • Increased width of from email column
• Removed gray background color within emails
Feb 05 20133.0.1 • Fixed a bug where gmail could not reply or forward emails
Feb 05 20133.0 • Chrome native extension (New*)
• New Gmail Compact logo
• New Gmail Compact Settings UI
• New feature to minimize chat windows when opening emails or composes
• New feature to align labels
• New feature to minimize labels
• New feature to normalize email contents
• New feature to hide Google Maps within emails
• New feature to hide reply or forward section
• Search bar displayed when pressing Gmail's default '/' shortcut key
• Fixed notifications to show in every toggle settings
• Fixed 'h' & 'H' toggle buttons
• Fixed the shadow line
• No longer supports the new 'Google Bar'
• No longer fetches for new updates in the settings menu
• Supports Portuguese language
• Supports Polish language (Need a translator for other foriegn languages)
Jan 09 20122.4.4 • Option to add Google+ on the User Control Button
• Fixed top-right Google+ notification position (Google Bar Mode)
• Fixed top-right Google+ share position (Google Bar Mode)
• Fixed a bug where upper part of buttons not being clickable when search bar is hidden (Google Bar Mode)
Jan 04 20122.4.3 • Compatible with new 'Google Bar (beta)
• Made the look of 'Google Bar' neat, clean, and compact
• Both 'h' or 'H' shortcut key hides the search bar when 'Google Bar' is enabled
• Fixed a bug where Reader gets added to the User Control Button randomly
Dec 21 20112.4.2 • Cleaned up the Contacts page to be more neat
• Minor clean up inside the label popup menu
• Fixed shadow line layer to display beneath popup menus
• Fixed option to focus the search bar when toggled
• Fixed new updates dialog popup not showing up in FF
Dec 20 20112.4.1 • Added a dialog popup for new updates
• Changed the auto update to run more efficiently
• Minor changes for Korean translation
Dec 17 20112.4 • Added Gmail Compact Settings
• Added script icon (Only shows up in greasemonkey[FF])
• Shrinked font size inside the popup button menus by few pixels
• Option to add Google Reader on the User Control Button
• Option to focus the search bar when toggled
• Option to check for new updates (checks every hour)
• Added an alternative set of keyboard shortcuts
• Added a new shortcut to hide the left panel
• Compose button added when left panel is hidden
• Added a Back button in the settings page
• Added the User Control button in the settings page
• Added Korean language (Need a translator for other foriegn languages)
• Redesigned the Message Sneak Peak layout to be neat and clean
• Changed the link 'close' to 'hide' in notifications
• Fixed the User Control Button from disappearing when going to previous or next email
Nov 23 20112.3 • Added a User Control Button so gmail can always stay on minimal mode
• Users can close notifications or hide them forever
• Changed the event handler to run more efficiently
• Stylesheets only included once. (Before it was being added in every frame and window)
Nov 18 20112.2.3 • Fixed shadow alignment in right-side chat enabled for firefox
Nov 18 20112.2.2 • Compatible with Right-side chat enabled
Nov 18 20112.2 • Remembers the last toggled shortcut key after refresh (settings saved locally)
• Compatible with split preview pane mode (selected email will be highlighted instead of mouseover)
• During split preview pane mode the added shadow line is disabled
Nov 15 20112.1 • Fixed shortcut keys to use every keyboard layout
• Modified the shortcut keys toggle
• Shortcut key 'h' only hides the navigation bar(allows user to see notifications)
• Shortcut key 'H' hides both navigation and search bar(notifications are hidden during this mode)
• Moved layer of the shadow bar up so it does not display behing other email backgrounds
• Added alpha texture to mouseover highlighted background
Nov 14 20112.0.1 • Revert back to its original name
Nov 13 20112.0 • Reworked all the buttons and layouts
• Added a shortcut key to toggle(hide/show) top menu and search bar('h' or 'H')
• Added a shortcut key to toggle(hide/show) information inside the emails('$')
• Added a shadow strip after the control panel. Scroll to see the 3d effect.
• Email rows are set back to gmail's default compact setting (only saved 1 pixel for each row before)
• Custom scroll bar inside 'Show Details' panel for headers information (only chrome browsers)
• Moved the refresh email message after the 'More' button
• Moved the notification/error popup message to display inside the control panel (popup messages are hidden during minimal mode)
• Fixed position for loading message at the top of the browser
• Removed all annoying ads
• Removed 'New Look Feedback' on bottom right corner
Nov 12 20111.8 • Google has an alternative classnames for each elements. This script should work on both now.
Nov 9 20111.5 • Took out all chrome outline highlights
• Shows highlighted row upon mouseover
• Few adjustments for alignment and spacing
Nov 8 20111.4.1 • Adjusted proportional spacing for chats and labels on the left hand panel
Nov 8 20111.4 • Removed background color for email rows so it does not overwrite other theme colors
• Cleaned up email details to be neat (proportional margins and paddings)
Nov 7 20111.3 • Made font size smaller
Nov 4 20111.0 • Initial release

Bugs and Issues

If you discover a problem let's talk about it.

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