Reader Sharer Monkey

By clowwindy Last update Dec 9, 2011 — Installed 15,155 times.

Script Summary: Enable sharing on Google Reader.

Version: 0.1.3


Derived from Chrome extension Reader Sharer by Keakon.

If you can't see the share button, please check if a new version of the script has been released. If not, please report to following link:

If you hope to keep original style in order to make other extensions display correctly, please install following extension instead:

Google has set the keyboard shortcut of G+'s share to Shift+S. To not conflict with it, I changed the original share's to Shift+F, which means share to Friends.

Implemented features:
1. The "Your shared items".
2. The "People you follow" view.
3. The "Notes" view.
4. The "Your liked items" view.
5. Share/unshare an item (keyboard shortcut: Shift + F).
6. Share/delete an item with note (keyboard shortcut: Shift + D).
7. Like/unlike an item (keyboard shortcuts: L).
8. Display whether an item has been shared/liked or not.
9. Support both list view and expanded view.
10. Recover some old style for improving readability.

Features unavailable yet:

Can't implement features:
1. Add/delete/display comments for an item. It seems the comment API is not available now.

Source code:

1. 显示你分享的条目。
2. 显示你朋友分享的条目。
3. 显示你的备注条目。
4. 显示你喜欢的条目。
5. 分享/取消分享一个条目(快捷键Shift + S)。
6. 分享/删除备注(快捷键Shift + D)。
7. 喜欢/不喜欢一个条目(快捷键L)。
8. 显示一个条目是否被分享/喜欢过。
9. 同时支持列表视图和扩展视图。
10. 为更好的可读性而恢复部分旧样式。


1. 添加/删除/显示评论。貌似评论API已经失效了。