Google Reader Compact Minimal For Small Screen - GOOGLE PLEASE DONT KILL Google Reader ON 1st JULY 2013

By Massimiliano Ferrari Last update Mar 14, 2013 — Installed 14,138 times.

Script Summary: GOOGLE PLEASE DONT KILL Google Reader ON 1st JULY 2013 - Reduces margins on the new Google Reader layout, Changes link colors to something legible, hide top header and navigation bar, hide feed title (Push 'W' to show header and navigation bar )

Version: 1.3.0

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I just acknowledged that from 1 July 2013 Google is dismissing Google Reader.


How I'm supposed to keep up with the news?
Google reader changed the way I search for news!
Google reader changed the way I surf the web.

With Google reader I can look efficiently at an enormous amount of news, all in one place.

Hey Google, do you really mean that I need to back to the old habit of opening a website, looks for news, open another website, looks for news.... but, hey, I have more than 500 RSS feed in my Google reader, How Can I open 500 website? I can't...

So, not having Google Reader will slow down by a a factor of no less than 10 my ability to surf the news, to surf the net, to keep up with interesting things...

Google reader is 100% news, 100% interesting things, 100% efficiency!
And Google is trowing that out of the window... :-(

This is so sad.

Once upon a time I was using an offline feed reader, it was not bad... but then I discovered Google reader, so much faster, so much better!

Do I really need to find another offline RSS feed reader? does they still exist?
Why are you doing that Google? WHY?!?
Please, please, please, keep Google Reader running!

Click the following link to sign the petition to keep Google Reader running!

Script instructions:

Push 'W' to show/hide the Top navigation bar, top header, and feed title.

- Updated for new Google Reader Layout

- Added the keyboard shortcut 'W' to show/hide the top navigation bar, search box, feed title

- Initial release

This script is based off and

I've just changed some style to hide top bar, top header/searchbox, and feed title.

Not everybody like the new (1/11/2011) Google Reader user interface.
I don't like it, especially because I use Google Reader on a netbook with a 10" screen of 1024x600 pixel.
The new theme have too much white, unused, space. Too much header. and few space for actual contents.
Just some hour after the release of the new interface there have been a big proliferation of "fix" for the new interface, especially on (Greasemonkey script archive).
After testing them all, I've come up with my own version of these script.

This layout fit perfectly the way I use Google Reader on my netbook.

Fell free to use it or modify it.
A big thanks to Scott Cowan, the developer of Google Reader Minimalistic ( and to Hoong Ern, the developer of Google Reader Back ( upon which is based my script.

Comments and suggestion are welcome.