Google Reader: compact and less depressing

By balver Last update Dec 8, 2012 — Installed 5,737 times.

Script Summary: This CSS tweak will make Google Reader's new look more compact and less depressing by adding some eye-friendly green colors. Inspired by lipsumar's "Google Reader compact" and Green Sky GMail theme.

Version: 2012.12.08.1

License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

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If you like this script, but don't feel like green is the color you'd like to see in your Google Reader, you can edit the colors on your own after installing the script. There are 6 variables at the moment (color1 - color6) that can be easily modified. As an example you can see Mushaf's review where he provided some details how to change the theme to blue(ish). There is also a special discussion, where all users of this script may share their themes.

For Google Reader compact by lipsumar click here.

Works great with:
Manual tweaks after installing Google Reader Filter:
  • remove z-index:1000; from line 193
  • change top:5px; to top:4px; in line 286


This script has been successfully tested on:
This script hasn't been tested but should work anyway on:

Version History

  • made cursor (when navigating collapsed entries with n and p keys) more visible
  • updated to work with Firefox 17+ after E4X has been disabled
  • code cleanups (i.e. moved some CSS rules to external files)
  • removed redundant, red Reader header
  • moved the Subscribe button back to its old place
  • another fix for IUseSearchBar - to make long story short it was hiding more than it should
  • hidden Home and Explore from menu - if you prefer this to be optional please let me know
  • quick fix for IUseSearchBar - it was hiding the actions bar as well and the default value was set incorrectly as "no"
  • more compact Expanded view - I've never used it, so I've never noticed it's not compact at all
  • if you don't use the search bar, there's a new customizable variable for you: IUseSearchBar (default is: yes)
  • small border tweaks after latest change from Google for current entry
  • disabled yellow background for current entry (but you can bring it back or even customize by editing new custom variable: color7)
  • fixed star/external link icon positions for each entry after the latest Reader update by Google
  • reduced entry height after the latest Reader update by Google
  • expect more updates soon, when the Comfortable/Cozy/Compact settings will work as they should (for me they just don't work even if this userscript is disabled)
  • visual code tweaks of minor importance
  • fixed position and icon handling of tags (folders with no subscriptions associated)
  • in case you prefer the new gray set of icons instead of the old ones, I've introduced the IWantUglyIcons variable - it is set as "no" by default and changing it to "yes" (or anything else other than "no", i.e. "I'm emo and I want it gray") will do the job
  • reorganized the code
  • replaced the sad gray icons from left pane with old school colorful ones
  • fixed an issue with incorrect background of an entry when it was highlighted by Google Reader Filter and open for reading
  • read items have a little darker backgrounds more like in old Google Reader (thank you Mushaf for pointing it out)
  • background color for read items is now customizable (the color6 variable)
  • optimized/speeded up the code
  • more compact left pane
  • added the icon
  • added autoupdate support for Scriptish users
  • added clear license information
  • more compact
  • less red in favor of green
  • it's easier to customize colors when editing this script after installation
  • initial version


Creative Commons License Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.