Google Reader Fixes v3.2.5

By Tam Nguyen Photography Last update Jul 2, 2013 — Installed 50,006 times.

Script Summary: Fix Google Reader's recent layout changes. Widen navigation, Create more padding between feeds, Bring back title link and content link colors to be blue, Increase font size for unread count, Add borders for each box, Lessen white spaces on top and on bottom, Remove +1 link

Version: 3.2.5

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First version of InoReader uploaded:

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Well well, whadda ya know. I'm also on Firefox add-on too. Waiting for review:

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Fix Google Reader's recent layout changes.

- Fixed a bug of feed font size not being consistent that was introduced in 3.2.3. Sorry about that!

- Minor tweaks

- Opera users: I have good news for you: script now works perfectly if you're using Opera and still have the OLD top black navigation bar.
- Of course, if you're already rocking the new bar, be sure to comment out line #137.
- Read this thread for more details: Thanks for testing my script.

- Bug fixes
- Code refactorization
- Whether you update to this version or not, the sky will not fall down on your head.

- Fix the new black top nav bar + top menu bar. NOTE: Read this discussion thread before updating
- Tested with Firefox 11b and Chrome 18.0.1025.11

- Revert the script to work with the black bar in Google Reader. NOTE: do NOT update to this version unless you have the black nav bar on top. To get the black nav bar back, read this
- Tighten things up to give more room on the feed list on the left

- Google changed their code again, adding another CSS ID #gbu. If the Google+ area on your top right corner looks like it's being pushed down, this will fix it.

- Changed the feed's title to having darker background
- Feed that's being read will have a reddish color for its link
Trust me, you'll like this update :)

- It looks like when Google implemented the 3 views Compact/Cozy/Comfy, things will look different for each mode. This version is a patch to make sure everything looks the same on different screen sizes. I've added a lot of CSS selectors, some even more than needed. Overkill? Maybe. Google Reader is lame? Definitely.

- Bug fix to move the 'Subscribe' button to line up with the logo and the word 'Reader'. I swear this was lined up before!
- Looks like the script breaks if you press 'f' for full screen mode. I suppose you can do some fancy schmancy Javascript to fix; unfortunately, I'm more of a CSS guy. If you use full screen mode more, just remove "position: fixed;" and "top: 85px;" on the line of "#title-and-status-holder".

- Code cleanup
- I've updated the version number to 3.0.0 to indicate the big change from both Google's end and mine.
- NOTE: again, do NOT update to this version unless your layout has been updated by Google.

- The change has come ( ONLY update to this version if your Google Reader layout has been updated. Things WILL BREAK if you update early.

- Fix bugs with email form and search view. This whole Google Reader change is starting to upset me.

- You can bet Google just made it worse, again. This version fixes the giant white space between each feed entry, and other minor bugs. Needless to say, don't update to this version if your Reader hasn't been changed yet.

- Fixed bug This is a temporary CSS hack, it might break again when Google updates their code :(

- Fixed (lengthened) the minimum height for the scroll bar for Chrome, as sometimes it's hidden by the feed's title.

- Get rid of white spaces under 'Feed settings...' menu. Default ON. Edit script's source file to change.

- Option to remove the giant red "G+ Share" button. Default ON. Edit script's source file to change.
- Bug fixes with 'Explore'

- Bug fix for Firefox with minimum font size >13pt.
- Selected item on navigation has blue background. Default ON. Edit script's source file to change.

- Bug fixes

- Fixed layout for Search view. I hadn't realized it looked so nasty!
- Bring the star next to the article's title link to the left, like before. Default ON. Edit script's source file to change.

- Option to bring back 'People you follow' on navigation, per user 'bigemw28226'. Code was modified from Default OFF. Edit script's source file to change.
- Attempt to bring back some blue colors on top. Default OFF. Edit script's source to change.

- Fixed a small UI bugged that appeared in previous version (I believe 1.9.2). Thanks to user 'rseiler' for pointing that out.
- I've moved some of the code so that you can toggle the 'Explore' on the navigation and the '+1' button under each article. Just edit the code and you'll see the customization section.

- Bring back the feed title on top of articles so that the title stays static

- Shifted everything of the navigation more to the left...
- ...which means there's more room for your feed names
- Special thanks to some of Jan1234's ( and cqrt's ( code
- Oh, by the way, the 'Explore' link on the navigation is gone. Let me know if you guys want it back.

- Reverted the folder icon back

- Script now has auto update checker, hollaaa! (let's see if it works...)

- Jan1234 ( pointed out a bug that I was too lazy to fix when I was working on the previous version. It's all fixed now :)

- Added status title's background and border to differentiate from feed content

- Tweaked shades of blue for article's title to match close to what Google Reader used to be before the change.

- Global supports for other countries, thanks Alex ( for pointing that out :)

- 'Subscribe' and 'Search' button now have a darker blue color.
- When moving from one feed article to the next, it no longer feels like the box is shaking a bit.
- Darker blue for read article's title

- Script now supports Opera browser, thanks to for the help.
- Left navigation pane is now a bit skinnier.
- Boxes for feed entries now fit more tightly together with less white space.

- Added shadows and rounded corners for each feed entry, which can support FF 3.5+, IE 9+, Safari 3.0+, Opera 10.5+, Chrome 4.0+ (suggested by
- WARNING: please remove previous version of script before installing new one!

- Code clean-up to speed up performance
- Supports both HTTP and HTTPS

- Widen navigation
- Create more padding between feeds
- Bring back title link and content link colors to be blue
- Increase font size for unread count
- Add borders for each box
- Lessen white spaces on top and on bottom
- Remove +1 link
- Selected list on the left navigation has a different background to indicate
- Bigger scroll bar

Email me contact at tambnguyen dot com if you have questions. Script is a modification of