Darksoul`s KOC Power Tools

By darksoul38 Last update Apr 5, 2014 — Installed 120,375 times.

Script Summary: Enhancements and bug fixes for Kingdoms of Camelot

Version: 20140404a

Overview tab: Shows an overview of stats for each city. Updates in real-time.

Encamped tab: Shows you the exact number of troops (and knights) encamped in each of your embassies

Info tab: A quick-reference of various stats and a simple distance calculator.

Players tab: Search for players and/or alliance members. Sort list of alliance members by various parameters including distance from your cities.

Knights tab: Show stats about all your knights and EASILY assign skill points.

Wilds tab: Show stats about all your wildernesses and EASILY set traps and mercenary levels.

Options tab: Allows you to enable/disable various features and KofC bug fixes!

Messages tab: Search through your inbox or reports for messages.

Alliance tab: Search and sort alliance list.

map tab:to see where your city are at.

Version History
.Temporary patch to overview. Simplify unitcalc calculations.
.Whole numbers in overview
.Fixed Aetherstone cap with fey bonus on overview tab
.Overview - Maximum/Normal separated into 2 tab (Overview and Resources), and
also fix for NaN marching resources and troops.
.Troop NaN fix

.Fix unitcalc calculations
.Add Use Dove of Peace button to tower tab - allows dove to be used while there
are still outgoing attack marches.
.Fix ascension expiry time/chat time crap for Daylight Savings Time, also enable
export of scout list to PowerBot (Powerbot also must be updated for this to work)
.Tidy up march.php onSuccess routine, and also display url on error window (and
limit number of retries to 5)

.Added Current Store House Protection row in Overview>Resources.
.Insert throne room cap on storehouse protection for overview

.add a couple of var declarations
.Rearrange TR to show pets
.Typo (advisor, not adviser!)
.Minor fix to the z-indexes

.Add champion selector to march tab
.Show UID in popout reports

.Enable Throne Compare to handle 6 or more tiers

.Default WarnAscension to false (had report it could be causing browser crash)

.Highlight city button when ascension protection nearly expired
.Small bugfix to Ascension warning (should only work if enhanced city buttons
.Fix for display of aether calter when TR upgrading in test domains
.Performance improvement for checkAscension (only needs to fire once a minute,
not once a second)
.A few fixes to the aether calter revision

.More popout Report tweaks
.Update unitcalc and accuracy tabs for onager
.Increased Wall Spaces
.Updates for onagers and walls

.minor tweak
.Add option to restore double click of map tiles (replace map mouse event handler
with previous coding).
.Add reserve troop column to defend tab
.minor patch to defend tab
.Alliance report pop-out layout tweaks, and additional links
.Popout report option for own reports, also link to FB Koc Report Viewer App
.Change params sent to FB report app
.Show battle spells on reports, fix for null troop values in reports, and generic
fix for invalid throne tiers in Calculate and Compare.
.Report Viewer URL change
.Popup reports remember screen position (until refresh) * DF & Raid support for
popup reports * Improved Notes Tab * Player Notes on Players tab * Edit Notes
from both Players Tab and Notes Tab
.popup report code for where the DF twiste and changes
.Show Onagers (and any future troop types) in popup reports.
.Minor change to enable defensive presets to be available to other scripts

.patch for buggy battle reports
.Patch for aetherstone loot data in reports

.Update for new troop type
.Fix march tab to include halbediers
.Add throne load buff to reinforce+max food
.bugfix concept for might displaying incorrectly on some windows computers
.another addcommasint trial for windows
.changed players tab to display might as addcommas(string) instead of
addcommas(int). Possibly look at retiring addcommas(int) for 32 bit windows
.Apply toFixed(0) to resources in popup report
.Alpha version of defend tab for selective defense setup

.marching type 10(MARCH_TYPE_DARK_FOREST) treating same way as 4(MARCH_TYPE_ATTACK)
.Rearrange Throne Room main display items for better visibility, and also show
province name on tool tips windows (functions transferred from Battle Console)

.Update throne compare
.kludge patch to mini-refresh
.Tools->ReportPopup: UI re-architect
1. TR colors
2. Report sections line up in rows
3. Various bug fixes

.Tools->ReportPopup: Fix a few champ troop stats. Verified 5 of 7 champ troop
stats. Here are the correct ones (life, atk, def, range, accuracy)
.Update champion troop effect mapping for popup report
.Tools->UnitCalc: Fixing defending troop stats
.Fix map links so they don't make buttons disappear, also fix so that various
function calters also work for pre-firefox version 16

.Allow main tab bar to expand to two lines if required
.Tools->UnitCalc: Add champ stats

.Add tab with accuracy matrix
.Add champion adjustments to popup battle reports
.Add champion stats to popup battle reports

.Tools->UnitCalc: Bug fix to cat research range modifier
.Tools->UnitCalc: Added Fey Blood Lust blessing
.fixed minor typo
.Incorporate resource cap on aetherstone cap increase to overview

.Chat time temp fix now DST ended in US
.More permanent DST fix for local chat time

.Change IRC to use localStorage. Hopefully this will keep the log messages after
browser crashes.
.Fix to train tab

.Fix load cap with reinforced bags (counted as throne room bonus for cap)
.Avoid the Refresh Marches option triggering the multi-browser error so often

.Add confirmation check before changing city defend status

.remove reclassification of wagons since siege load bug got fixed

.Code change: Tools -> Options -> GMT clock, change setInterval to setTimeout
.Fix march modal load calculation for new game update

.Add sacrifice bonus to transport max load calculation
.Tools->UnitCalc: Bug fixes (added order of the round and improved fletching)
.Tools->ChatStuff: Added kocscripters.com and forums.
.minor fix for report viewer function

.New Feature: Overview -> Resource -> Normal -> Post Resource and Troops to
alliance chat
.Disable march patch - see whether this resolves the raid return time issue.
.New Tab -> Unit Stats - Pulled in KOC Notebook unit stats tab
.Bug Fix: Tools -> Unit Stats -> Wagons to Hussar array off by 1
.Change parameter for barb raid march patch, add option to enable/disable

.Update throne room load cap max
.UI Modification: Marches->Marches
Added in BattleConsole show/hide div to collapse raids in march screen.
.Small amendment to tourney tab

.UI Modification: Reports->Action->onClick now uses ptChatReportClicked()
Code cleanup: removed old onClick report viewer and removed var battleReport
.UI Modification: Marches->resource change from text to images (table becomes
.Added new variable for game icons.
.Add back in battleReport var.

.Add patch to fix barb raid march progress (hopefully)
.more patches for grand siegemaster bug
.Fix chat timestamp so it always shows local time
.show ascension protection time remaining in player tab leaderboard city lists.

.temporary patch for grand siegemaster tier bug

.Fix for returning knights

.Disabled tools food alert - instead, use the alert in power bot
.Tournament tab fix, and fix to show reinforcements in alliance reports

.update to march screen to deal with missing knights

.minor bugfix
.updated kocscripters.com for ssl stuff.

.New Feature: IRC Bot Chat Functions,seen -> used to log last chat message seen,
rules -> used to send alliance rules (chat, war, etc) to chat
.updates and broken icon fixes for firefox 23

.Add training of flame archers to train tab

.Convert , and - to _ (wildcard) for player search.
.Update max knight assigned skill to 300.
.Add Hussar troop type (still todo: allowing training of Flame Archers)

.Fixed incoming attack troop list. The code did not properly check for non-zero
object size.

.Added a tab to view or delete player notes

.the playground of slander and lies has a place in game, but not when it starts
to migrate into real life and even the scripters circle
.Bug fix Tools->Report When a report has astone resource, the report fails to open.

.update throne compare to include hero slot

.multi-browser fix (maybe)
.updated multi-browser fix for cometbird compatibility
.Add option to fix image posted to facebook from merlin magic box
.Adjust variables for update_seed mod

.update player throne room to include candel
.Added 'player notes' displayed on the map tooltips
.Added option to display truce status on map tooltips
.added alt text tags for march tab
.disable auto retry timer for march tab
.disable multi-browser check
.disable & reenable refresh data/marches

.changed variable name for compatibility purposes
.modified kocscripters link
.Add fixes for resource production rates in overview

.fix incoming popup
.Add color coded city icons (Nico's coding), toggles for city icon options, and added options to disable number
.Fix canceled train display in train tab
.Fix display of rankings in tournament tab

. update throne room effects in reports
. Overview > Buildings: Added Ascension buildings
. Overview > Buildings: Added Briton Workshop Technologies
. Update train tab

. patch for tournament tab standings