- Mod Tools

By DEADBEEF. Last update Feb 20, 2013 — Installed 22,520 times.

Script Summary: Adds a couple of extra tools to make moderating busy subreddits easier.


Main features:

  • Allow sorting of reports/spam by age of post, karma score, number of reports.
  • Select multiple things and mass approve/remove.
  • Adds inline 'context' button to comments which have a parent (middle click to open in new tab).
  • Adds a modqueue item count to the list of your moderated subreddits in the sidebar when viewing /r/mod pages.
  • Option to automatically post a reply/PM when removing a comment/link explaining your reason. See ( ) for details.
Tested (a bit) in Firefox, Chrome & Opera.
NB. On opera save the file as 'modtools.js', NOT 'modtools.user.js'

v5.2 Changelog 20/2/13:

  • Prevented reasons popup opening when clicking 'ignore reports'.

v5.1 Changelog 7/10/12:

  • Fixed reason leaver popup to work with new minified CSS system.

v4.6 Changelog 15/4/12:

  • Added select option to select things which have had an action applied.
  • Added select option to select submissions which have been tagged with link-flair.
  • You can now click anywhere on a thing to check its checkbox.
  • Added button on non-modqueue related pages to turn on modtools for that page (any non-actionable things will be auto-hidden).
  • Actioned things are now highlighted when removed/spammed/approved.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: ( Chrome: ALT + [..] Firefox: SHIFT + ALT + [..] )
    I: Invert selection
    U: Unhide all
    H: Hide selected
    S: Spam selected
    R: Remove selected
    A: Approve selected

v4.5 Changelog 7/4/12:

  • Added a bunch more options for selecting things
  • Added 'unhide all' button
  • Moved 'select' options to a dropdown menu, (there were too many)
  • Moderated subreddit list on /r/mod now displays subreddits in order of modqueue items.

v4 Changelog 31/3/12:

  • Added reason leaving feature.
  • Added 'select all spammed items' button to modqueue.
  • Added 'select all banned users' button to modqueue.
  • Added 'hide selected' button to modqueue.

v3.4 Changelog 28/3/12:

  • Added modqueue item count to new moderated subreddits list

v3.2/3.3 Changelog 14/3/12:

  • Added support for the new 'spam/ham' buttons.
  • Added 'invert' button, to invert the selection.
  • Added inline context button for comments which have a parent.
  • Changed the tab-index to favour checkboxes over mod buttons.
  • Changed the select all/none buttons to a checkbox.
  • Added list of moderated subreddits

v3 Changelog 26/1/12:

v2 Changelog 25/1/12:

  • Fixed sorting methods on non-compressed view.
  • Added support for /about/spam/ pages.
  • Changed the way additional style rules are added (to comply with greasmonkey's recent security downgrade on FF9+).