MetaFilter hedgehog comment pointer

By rf 1.4 Last update Jul 3, 2013 — Installed 3,780 times.

Script Summary: Replaces the linked comment triangle pointer with a hedgehog.

Version: 2.0

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(Check out the screenshots linked above for a quick look at what this script does.)

Change log:

  • Version 2.0: 2013-07-03 - Now works with the new "Use SSL everywhere" user profile preference for logged-in MeFi members. Also added support for automatic script updates, as well as better compatibility with Chrome.
  • Version 1.1: 2011-10-23 - Moved hedgehog a tad farther left, so that it doesn't overlap with the left stripe along comments by the asker/OP in AskMe threads.
  • Version 1.0: 2011-10-20 - First release.
What this script does:

A triangle pointer normally appears when navigating to an anchored permalink for a comment. To see it in action, just visit any direct link to a comment, e.g.

This script basically overrides the triangle and replaces it with an image of a hedgehog, as suggested by jessamyn.

For more details on the functionality of the pointer, see these threads in MetaTalk:
- "Improving links to specific comments"
- "Hooray for readability"


This script works on MeFi, AskMe, MeTa and all other subsites. Version 1.0 was tested in Firefox 7.0.1 for Windows; thanks to MeFites in the "Hooray for readability" MeTa thread for confirming that this script also works in Firefox for Mac, and Chrome for Windows and Mac.

Update: Latest version tested to work with Firefox 22 and Chrome 27 for Windows. There are no guarantees that it will work anywhere else or with other MeFi-related scripts.

If you'd like to modify the script, please feel free. Disclaimer: I am not a programmer, but if you have suggestions for improving it, I'd be interested in learning about them.



The hedgehog image is licensed by artjazz

Thanks to Rhomboid and his MetaFilter unicorn and narwhal buttons script, which I basically used as a model for this script.


More animals for your MeFi experience:

If you like the hedgehog, you might also want to check out the MetaFilter inline video fishy icon (another script I posted). I also highly recommend Rhomboid's MetaFilter unicorn and narwhal buttons (as mentioned above) and laser kitty.