Ikariam Highscore Utilities Updated (Ika v0.5+)

By *_Narulez_* Last update Jun 6, 2012 — Installed 26,985 times.

Script Summary: Collection of Highscore Utilities. Works on Ikariam v0.5+

Version: 0.22

Copyright: 2011+, Narulez (http://userscripts.org/users/268539)

License: (CC) Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike; http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/

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Original script wrote by: holyschmidt
  • This script creates a simple flyout when hovering over the highscore link in the main menu running along the top of all Ikariam pages. Simply select the score type desired, and the player you wish to lookup.
  • Convenient links on the island view for quick lookup of player highscores.
  • Supported adding new languages. Add your own!!
  • Select a default highscore type, and use that the next time the page is loaded.
  • If abilited: cache the last selected highscore type, and use that the next time the page is loaded, covering the selected default type.
  • Make a suggestion!!
Langs Supported
You can help me to translate and approve the script in your world.
ArgentinaSpanishComplete ar.ikariam.comRada974
BelarusRussianComplete by.ikariam.comBlack Widow
Bosnia/HerzegovinaCroatian/Bosnian/SerbianNone ba.ikariam.com 
BrazilPortugueseNone br.ikariam.com 
BulgariaBulgarianComplete bg.ikariam.comIvoAndr
ChileSpanishComplete cl.ikariam.comRada974
ChinaTraditional ChineseNone cn.ikariam.com 
ColumbiaSpanishComplete ar.ikariam.comRada974
Czech RepublicCzechNone cz.ikariam.com 
DenmarkDanishNone dk.ikariam.com 
United KingdomEnglishComplete en.ikariam.comholyschmidt & Narulez
EstoniaEstonianNone ee.ikariam.com 
FinlandFinishNone fi.ikariam.com 
FranceFrenchComplete fr.ikariam.comHéliΩGraph
GermanyGermanComplete de.ikariam.comBier Baron
GreeceGreekComplete gr.ikariam.comG.Callen
Hong KongTraditional ChineseNone hk.ikariam.com 
HungaryHungarianComplete hu.ikariam.comSracz66
IndonesiaIndonesianNone id.ikariam.com 
IranPersianComplete ir.ikariam.comJojok & elm10
IsraelHebrewNone il.ikariam.com 
LatviaLatvianNone lv.ikariam.com 
LithuaniaLithuanianNone lt.ikariam.com 
MexicoSpanishComplete mx.ikariam.comRada974
NetherlandsDutchNone nl.ikariam.com 
NorwayNorwegianNone no.ikariam.com 
PakistanUrdu / EnglishNone pk.ikariam.com 
PeruSpanishComplete pe.ikariam.comRada974
PhilippinesFilipinoNone ph.ikariam.com 
PortugalPortugueseNone pt.ikariam.com 
PolandPolishComplete pl.ikariam.comMAŁY001
RomaniaRomanianComplete ro.ikariam.comOve
RussiaRussianComplete ru.ikariam.comBlack Widow
SerbiaSerbianNone rs.ikariam.com 
SlovakiaSlovakNone sk.ikariam.com 
SloveniaSlovenianNone si.ikariam.com 
South KoreaKoreanNone kr.ikariam.com 
SpainSpanishComplete es.ikariam.comRada974
SwedenSwedishNone se.ikariam.com 
TaiwanTraditional ChineseNone tw.ikariam.com 
TurkeyTurkishComplete tr.ikariam.comWalking Tombstone
UkraineTraditional UkrainianNone ua.ikariam.com 
United Arab EmiratesArabicNone ae.ikariam.com 
United StatesEnglish (US)Complete us.ikariam.comholyschmidt & Narulez
VenezuelaSpanishComplete ve.ikariam.comRada974
VietnamViatnemeseNone vn.ikariam.com 
  • 0.22
    • Added Spanish translation, thanks to Rada974.
    • Better languages multi-server management.
  • 0.21
    • Added Greek translation, thanks to G.Callen.
  • 0.20
    • Added Bulgarian translation, thanks to IvoAndr.
    • Updated Persian translation, thanks to elm10.
    • Tweak (FF with Scriptish) for options window that sometimes doesn't open.
    • Minor changes.
  • 0.19
    • Added French translation, thanks to HéliΩGraph.
    • Added Romanian translation, thanks to Ove.
    • Changed default showed links on island view.
    • Better and faster way to show the links on island view (FF, Opera and IE 9).
    • Updated license and dependencies.
    • Improved meta tags for Scriptish compatibility.
    • Fixed flyout hovered by windows.
  • 0.18
    • Added Hungarian translation, thanks to Sracz66.
    • Added Polish translation, thanks to MAŁY001.
    • Updated Russian translation, thanks to Black Widow.
    • Changed small css, thanks to Black Widow.
    • Changed default player search: now if you don't type anything, it'll show your position.
    • Fixed alliances search.
    • Fixed small bug on last selected search type.
  • 0.17
    • Added German translation, thanks to Bier Baron.
    • Fixed small css.
  • 0.16.1
    • Removed new tab function (It was buggy with 0.5).
  • 0.16
    • Fixed for Ikariam v0.5+
  • 0.15
    • Added Persian & Turkish.
  • 0.14
    • Option for save or not last selected. Default true.
    • Fixed bug deleting last selected highscore type.
    • Minor improvements and changes.
  • 0.13
    • Added option to open island quicklinks in new tabs. Idea by -ASLAN-.
    • Added option to search for scores in new tabs. Idea by -ASLAN-.
    • Changed a dependancy to my new version of an old script.
    • Some improvements in translating.
  • 0.12
    • Added caching last selected highscore type.
    • Added ability to select the default highscore type and delete the last selected.
    • Added indication when language is forced.
    • Some minor underground changes and improvements.
  • 0.11
    • Added ability to force languages
    • Some minor improvements
    • Probably you'll have to uninstall manually the previous version
  • 0.10
    • Added Russian translation, thanks to Black Widow
  • 0.09
    • Added some new phrases to translate and history in-game
  • 0.08
    • Begin Narulez's Work!
    • Updated to work with Ikariam v0.4.4
    • Updated with all highscore types
    • Added ally/friends searches
    • Added ability to add language
    • Added alliances highscore search, also this is a workaround for a bug (second post in http://userscripts.org/topics/43034)
  • 0.07
    • Fixed small bugs.
  • 0.06
    • Fixed bug with other script incompatibility.
  • 0.05
    • Options dialog implemented to turn on/off individual score quicklinks.
  • 0.04
    • Added links on island view for quick lookup of player highscore values
  • 0.03
    • Fixed include line
  • 0.02
    • Changed default score type selection
  • 0.01
    • Initial Release