Screen Userscripts

By Max (-ElectroFox Designs) Last update Feb 16, 2011 — Installed 8,517 times.

Script Summary: NOTE: This script is abandoned. Screens greasemonkey userscripts to make sure they don't steal cookies (or, in the future, do other bad things either). [UPDATED!][Bug Fix](please update your Screen Userscripts)

md5: abc4c03395c43f8bb8c51d07500c8e87
sha1: 9c4805c92197c152920d4c8554c4058a2e03d284

If you are browsing userscripts on, you will notice a big red banner at the top warning you about malicious, cookie stealing, userscripts. The good folks at, however, have been doing great work to keep these from being uploaded.

Just in case any get don't get caught right away, you can install Screen Userscripts to warn you if you're about to install a malicious script. The other beauty of Screen Userscripts, is that it works on all sites; not just So if you download one from somebody's blog or something, you'll still be warned.

At current, Screen Userscripts only warns about cookie stealing scripts, however in the future, I hope to keep it updated to protect against other malicious scripts.
You can check the md5 sum (or sha1 sum, if you prefer) listed above against that of this script, to make sure you don't have a possibly insecure version. I usually use MD5summer. As I make updates to the script, I will update the md5 and sha1 sums.

##You can try this script out at Userscripts/
##Screen Userscripts warns you by popping up a message on any page that links to a userscript(s) that may be malicious. Also, if you hover over a link to a script (such as "Install this script"), a message will appear warning you not to install that script.

##Suggestions can be sent to maxATefoxdesignsDOTcom. (This link will go to your gmail or yahoo mail composer if you have Mailto 2 Webmail installed.)

[UPDATED] You now have the option of being asked whether or not to automatically scan userscripts, or be asked first.
[again] The original update (above) was kinda sketchy, and has been streamlined. Also, you can set a threshold number of scripts on a page to be auto-scanned, before Screen Userscripts asks you if you really want to scan all of them.
*Performance Note: depending on the number of scripts on a page, scanning may take a few seconds, during which your browser will freeze.

[...and again] It's here! This is pretty much the final update, aside from "virus definition" updates. This update allows you the option to have Screen Updates notify you of future updates (by setting checkForUpdate). This notification will only appear when you visit, and will not show up again once you've clicked it.
[EDIT] The update system doesn't quite work yet, actually. I hope to have it fixed soon.

[Bug Fix] When Screen Userscripts scanned a userscript, it incremented the install count for that script. That bug has been fixed. Install counts will no longer be affected by Screen Userscripts. The functionality of Screen Userscripts has not changed, however. :) Thanks for the help, Descriptor.