YouTube Video Download Revived

By rcmero Last update Oct 18, 2011 — Installed 23,378 times.

Script Summary: Scans the YouTube page for all formats, including 1080p on selected videos. Original code by rossy!, taken control of the project since the author has not updated the code for a good while.

Version: 3.0.52

License: MIT License


Note: I recommend you to go here and download version 3.1 of rossy's script. I'll keep this script here until the original author wants me to remove it.

How to use

To download a video, go to the video page and open the new Download menu (next to "Embed"). A list of formats is displayed, sorted from best to worst quality. To save a format, simply click on it or right-click and choose "Save Link As...". If in doubt about what format to download, choose the one on the top of the list.

To play the downloaded video (if your computer doesn't understand Flash Video files or MP4s), download VLC media player or SMPlayer. If you prefer to play the video in Windows Media Player, try the Combined Community Codec Pack. FLV playback on Mac OS X can be achieved by installing Perian for QuickTime.

Changes from Previous Version

Changes from rossy's script (provided by various userscripts users):

Note: most of these changes are in rossy's 3.1.

  • Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil) translations (rossy's script only has pt-BR translations)
  • Turkish translations
  • German translations
  • Support for 480p WebM
  • UJSManager support
  • Scriptish support


I want this scripts to be a cooperative work with all users. Here are some of the features I would like this script to implement.

  • MP3 download link (planning on using KeepMP3)
  • Split button
  • 3GP support
  • Option to save with subtitles
  • Button on channel interface
  • Restoring easter egg seen in version 2.3.9 (for the bronies)

Copyright Notice

I am not taking this script as my own, I am simply continuing rossy's work, since this user's original script seems to be on a standstill.


Q: When I click on the Download button, there is no menu. What's going on?
A: This occurs when an error causes the script to crash. This can be caused by any number of problems, ranging from YouTube updates, to incompatible extensions or userscripts. Make sure you're running the latest version of your browser, the latest version of the script and the latest version of Greasemonkey or Scriptish (if applicable) and tell me about the problem so I can fix it.

Q: I thought you said this script could download videos in 1080p. Why can't I see a 1080p download link?
A: Not every format is available for every video. For example, 1080p (Full HD) downloads are only available for videos that were originally uploaded in HD and were uploaded recently. This is because of the way YouTube encodes and stores videos. To test a 1080p download, try this video: