GameFAQs AMP Sorting

By OTACON120 Last update Jul 19, 2012 — Installed 960 times.

Script Summary: Gives the ability to sort GameFAQs Message Boards' "Active Messages" list.

Version: 1.2.5

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  • Small update that allows script to override official GameFAQs sorting

Sort your Active Message Posted on GameFAQs Message Boards by "Board," "Topic," "Last Post," or "Your Last Post" in ascending or descending order by clicking on the respective header.

Check "Script Homepage" for full changelog/to-do list. Please, please, please check the to-do list before suggesting any ideas for new features. It's currently a very short list, but it still would be nice not to hear suggestions for things I'm already planning on implementing. Thanks!


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These scripts in their current, unmodified state, do not violate any rules set by GameFAQs that I am aware of, and normal usage of these scripts should not result in any undesired repercussions taken against your or your account(s). With that in mind, I will remind you that your usage of this script is YOUR responsibility, and any usage of this script that directly violates GameFAQs rules and regulations is solely on your hands. Seriously, have some decorum. Don't be immature. Don't be "that guy."