Link Reddit Flair

By ictinus Last update Nov 17, 2011 — Installed 1,977 times.

Script Summary: Turn reddit flair text to links if appropriate.

Version: 1.05

Updated: 17 Nov 2011, v1.05. Improved linking.
Updated: 06 Nov 2011, v1.04. Link Reddit Flair now turns flair into clickable links with a portion of the flair text remaining as the link text. eg. Flair containing "My GoodReads:" will now display as "My GoodReads", but link to "".

If the flair text starts with "http" the script will display the users name before the site name, eg. "ictinus's goodreads".

These images show how /r/printSF makes use of 'Link Reddit Flair'. Before mouse over, an icon is shown. After mouse over, the flair is displayed as a text URL. Link Reddit Flair turns the text URL into an active link.