Add to MyMovies

By Anand kumar Last update Sep 16, 2011 — Installed 552 times.

Script Summary: Adds a link to all imdb title pages to add it to any of your MyMovies List.


IMDB has already put in place a very good solution for adding titles to MyMovies list. I've been using my script for sometime now that I did not find IMDB's change.
It is documented here:

So, I guess this is farewell then.

IMDB recently made changes to their site which effectively removed the ability to add a movie to a MyMovies list. I was using this feature, as did many others, to maintain the list of movies that I have seen. This can still be done now in imdb, but requires a much longer process.
I was using this script for my own use (with hard-coded list id, user id, etc) for some time now. I finally got 'round to making this script work for any user with any number of lists that they've made.
There are better scripts out there to manage movies across multiple lists, but I don't think they work with the IMDB redesign which happened around middle of this year (2011). Besides, I don't use the MyMovies feature for anything more than what my script does. Hence, the limited feature set for this script.

-Automatically populates all your lists in a drop-down list box.
-Checks if the movie you are about to add to a list is already in that list. If the movie is present, it asks if you want to add this duplicate entry.
-An option to view the selected list.
-Remembers list selection across pages.
-And, of course, has an option to add the current movie to the selected list.

Hope it helps someone regain some of the lost "Add to MyMovies" functionality!