Add Ed2k Links To Emule

By Julien Couvreur Last update Oct 8, 2008 — Installed 938 times.

Script Summary: Inserts a one-click download link (via emule) next to ed2k links

This script lets you add ed2k links to your emule download list remotely and in a single click.

First, install the script. Then, you need to go in the Greasemonkey menu to manage your scripts and edit it.
Type in the URL for your emule server as well as the password that controls its access.

After that is done, when you navigate to a page that contains ed2k links, each link will have an emule icon next to it.
Clicking on the icon opens a popup which connects to your emule server, passing your password, giving the command to add this ed2k link to the download list.

Here is what the result looks like, using as an example:

Clicking on the donkey icon triggers the download to start remotely.