Reddit Lightbox

By trookvlt Last update Sep 30, 2011 — Installed 3,101 times.

Script Summary: Load images or comments in an overlayed lightbox, never leave Reddit again! Updated 9/29/2011.

Version: 1.1

Any link that goes directly to a jpg, gif, png, or bmp image will open in a lightbox overlay within the current Reddit window. No more opening and closing tabs or clicking back ad nauseam. This first world problem is solved!

As a bonus, imgur links which don't point directly to the image file are redirected to do so. Which enables the overlay to work with the majority of imgur links.

Click on the link (or thumbnail) to open the overlay.
Click anywhere on the overlay to close it.

Tested functional in the current stable builds of Firefox and Chrome.

* Added the ability to load the comments in a lightbox, just click the [F] next to the comments link. Note that the comments link itself is unaffected and will still work as it always has.
* General code cleanup.