By vkv Last update Sep 13, 2012 — Installed 44,490 times.

Script Summary: Adds some usable fields for MMO game World of Tanks player's page

adds win% column, medium% column, level's% for all level, national % for all nations.

also, you can compare your result within server-medium Wins/Battles (ru-server-medium, actually)

Change log

18.08.11 Ok, now it works on eu and com servers too

19.08.11 updated statistics

21.08.11 added tank table sorting (by click on column header)

13.09.11 added filter by type, added new tanks (0.6.7), changed some inside code for greater reliability

03.10.11 added statistics saving to cookie (one for each profile) and compare it with current statistics, added filter "only new" - show tanks with battles passed from last statistic save, added filter by battle count

06.10.11 updated statistics

16.10.11 fixed american server

05.11.11 medals in profile

10.11.11 fixed eu server

19.12.11 works on Français and Deutsch

07.01.11 7.1 tanks



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