Myspace - Custom Layout Dis/Enable

By InsaneNinja Last update Jul 4, 2008 — Installed 13,991 times.

Script Summary: 2008/07/03 - Disable or Re-Enable custom myspace layouts/apps at the click of a button. Author: InsaneNinja.


On the load of a profile, all style information is grabbed and stored. A red button on the top right handles the on/off functions of the style.

Extra style commands are used in disabled mode, to set maximum sizes on images and table cells. So you should not even have to scroll left-right while the style is disabled.

Please comment with your opinion, and especially, linking profiles where it does not work.


Change these as you wish

var load_profile_theme = true  // when page displays
var shrink_flash_files = false // youtube, music players, slideshows
var destroy_app_tables = true


::Disabled Layout::

::Re-Enabled Layout::


2008.07.03 - 12th Release - Disabled hiding of comments (depending on their method)

2008.06.29 - 11th Release - Added a smaller max-width to the left side if flash-shrinking is enabled, so youtube/etc doesnt overlap the right side. Added app-hiding.

2008.02.05 - 10th Release - Disabled big/small, due to firefox's tendency to allow 20 inch letters in myspace comments that IE users dont realize they're creating.

2007.11.08 - 9th Release - Removed the Mysplinks tweaker.. dont know why this stopped working, it was very on/off, and then just started breaking things.

2007.10.22 - 8th Release - Set to use tld instead of com. Also added a few exceptions, as advised by chef_boyardee. Script does not run on film/music/etc sections anymore.

2007.09.23 - 7th Release - added a small bit to repair when someone leaves out the final "}".. fixing most problematic layouts

2007.08.06 - 6th Release - css layouts now stay enabled by default, a variable has been added for the option

2007.08.01 - 5th Release - disabled flash-file shrinking on band profiles

2007.07.29 - 4th Release - code cleanup, tweaked "disabled" css, added variable choice whether to resize flash files.

2007.07.20 - 3rd Release - tweaked disabled-mode css, now scrapes myspace-made custom styles

2007.07.19 - 2rd Release - attempts scraping all css styles, multiple times

2007.07.19 - 1st Release - initial release, known to be buggy