Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion

By Enzyme Last update Sep 21, 2011 — Installed 1,839,594 times.

Script Summary: Gets rid of the new Facebook sidebar replacing it with one like the original.

Version: 2.1.4

License: GPL3+ (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html)

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This code is currently broken and development has been stopped.

To uninstall please use the instructions below

Uninstall Instructions


  1. Go to Tools
  2. Go to Greasemonkey
  3. Go to Manage User Scripts
  4. Click "Disable" or "Remove" next to Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion

Google Chrome:

  1. Go to Settings (The spanner icon)
  2. Go to Tools
  3. Go to Extensions
  4. Click "Disable" or "Remove" under to Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion



Works in Firefox 5, Google Chrome 13 & Opera 11.5


What has changed in Version 2?

Version 2 is a complete rewrite of the script to use native Facebook functions where possible. What does this mean? Basically it means the entire script should be less buggy and easier to maintain into the future. It also means...

Friend List (Group) Support!

Just like the original Facebook chat, the chat bar will now group your friends into their respective friends lists as well as let you edit these lists or toggle them on/off.

I make no promises to keep this up to date as Facebook changes in the future, though I am doing my very best to resolve all bugs and maintain this script.

Browser Support:

  • Full support for Firefox 5, Google Chrome 13 & Opera 11.5 (Earlier versions may be compatible, these are the browsers used for testing)
  • No support currently for Safari and Internet Explorer


  • Full Friend List (Group) support!
  • Shows ALL online/idle friends
  • Shows ONLY online/idle friends (Doesn't show offline friends)
  • Orders friends by first name
  • Groups friends by online and idle.
  • Shows total number of online/idle friends when chat bar is open and closed.
  • Chat bar adjusts in size based on how many friends you have online.
  • Does not realign the page when chat opens
  • Header to the top of chat that closes the menu when clicked.
  • Works for both HTTP and HTTPS
  • Keep the list of online friends on the left hand side of the page always visible even when the chat dialog opens.
  • Adds "View Profile" link to the cog menu in each chat window to easily view the profile of the person you are talking to.



  • FIXED: Returned Opera 11.5 Support
  • Fixed: Fixed the old method of how the search was hooked, as the new method was unreliable.


  • Fixed: Seriously hoping this puts an end to the chat bugging out in Chrome -__-"


  • REMOVED: SUPPORT FOR OPERA Support is improved in this version, but it's still buggy as hell, Opera is doing all kinds of weird stuff I can't work out yet.
  • Fixed: Changing lists on and off should be a whole lot smoother
  • Fixed: Support for chrome should also be improved
  • Fixed: The list should now stay up to date a whole lot better.
  • Fixed: Issue where scroll bar was sometimes covering the dots
  • Fixed: "Loading" is now displayed in all expected instances.
  • Fixed: Bugs that existed in instances for users with small browser resolutions


  • REMOVED: SUPPORT FOR OPERA, HOPING THIS IS TEMPORARY The code will still work mostly, however searching for friends is entirely non-supported. Install at your own risk if you are using Opera.
  • Added: There is now a nice scroll bar in all browsers, not just Google Chrome
  • Added: Entirely redid how the sidebar was Hooked to hopefully reduce the number of places errors can sneak in and hence cause less bugs.
  • Fixed: The code seems less buggy in Chrome now
  • Fixed: Fixed chat bugs that popped up due to changes on Facebooks end


  • Fixed: Reverted changes in v2.0.4 as all they did was cause problems in other browsers when going offline.


  • Fixed: Major problem that causes chat to be completely broken in some circumstances. ( Apparently didn't fix anything :( )


  • Fixed: Brought back the nice scroll bar in Google Chrome. (Thanks to Mori99)


  • Fixed: Chat window settings menu would appear under the chat bar sometimes.


  • Added: Increased Browser Support, added Opera.
  • Fixed: Chat doesn't always resize properly immediately.
  • Fixed: Going offline, then online, then refreshing the page without closing the chat bar, causes the chat to be unopenable on page load.


  • Full friend list (group) support
  • Removed the automatic closing of the chat bar when you click outside of it
  • Going offline will now automatically minimise the chat bar
  • Opening the chat bar when Offline will now automatically take you online
  • Should fix a number of graphical glitches that were apparent in v1.5.5

Issues to be fixed (Will be fixed in next version)

None at the moment.

Minor Issues (Might be fixed in future versions)

Firefox & Google Chrome & Opera

  • Friend lists blink when toggled on. (Not sure if this is even possible to fix, just toggle lists less frequently if it bothers you greatly, if it weren't for this script there wouldn't be lists in the chat at all >.<)
  • Scroll bar of chat bar jumps to top when list updates. (Unlikely to be fixed, is a by product of fixing a much worse issue)

Google Chrome

  • Sometimes there is a number of odd bugs with no reliable way to replicate.

Opera 11.5

  • May crash if you open the browser after closing it with Facebook open and Opera Dragonfly open
  • A little glitchy, but overall functionality appears to work.

Possible Problems You May Have (These are not bugs):

Problem: Removing someone from a friend list (group) does not update in the chat.

Solution: The person is removed from whatever permissions immediately, however a limitation in the Facebook code stops this from being visible immediately. If it is essential that the display be correct, simply refresh the page.

Problem: Coming back from online shows that I have 0 friends online shortly before showing that I am online.

Solution: This is just because while it loads your online friends, it thinks you have no friends online. This should last a couple of seconds at most, the best solution is to just go offline less often.

Problem: Toggling friend lists (groups) takes a while to update the online counter, or lists open/close incorrectly when toggling lists.

Solution: The friend list code is Facebooks, the lag is due to the fact the page must contact Facebook to alert it of the change before it can update the actual online status of your friends. If you toggle lists too quickly the server may respond out of order and mess up which lists are open. To avoid, simply do not toggle lists too quickly, or refresh page if anything messes up.

Problem: Script does not work with Opera and https

Solution: Go to "opera:config" (just type in the address bar) and search for "User JavaScript on HTTPS". Activate it and restart Opera. Now the Script will work! -- A big thanks to the user retsifp for submitting this problem and solution!

Uninstall Instructions


  1. Go to Tools
  2. Go to Greasemonkey
  3. Go to Manage User Scripts
  4. Click "Disable" or "Remove" next to Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion

Google Chrome:

  1. Go to Settings (The spanner icon)
  2. Go to Tools
  3. Go to Extensions
  4. Click "Disable" or "Remove" under to Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion