Grepolis Wall Tool

By balping Last update Jul 12, 2011 — Installed 3,937 times.

Script Summary: Shows losses since last saved wall and calculates resources

Version: 2.0

Shows losses since last saved wall and calculates resources. Displays the summary of your and of the enemy's losses. Shows the unit data. Replaces the text in the losses table to a better understandable text.
You can take as many 'snapshots' as you want. The snapshots are saved per player and per server, so if you play in more servers, the saved values won't jumble.

New functions will be available in the next version!

Tested on:
  • Firefox 5.0, Greasemonkey 0.9.6, Linux/Ubuntu
  • Firefox 5.0, Greasemonkey 0.9.6, Windows XP

Please send me translations for new languages and correct the mistakes in the English translation!

New functions in the next version:
  • Expension of the 'Show comparison' function
  • Delete snapshots
  • Auto update
  • Change the current status to a snapshot