Fixed Google+ Notification Bar (for Google Plus & Google Search)

By pioul Last update Aug 23, 2011 — Installed 4,690 times.

Script Summary: Makes the Google+ notification bar fixed for quicker access to notifications, post form, parameters.. on Google Plus and Google Search

Version: 1.1.2


Fixed Google+ Notification Bar, NORMAL mod

Options Menu : added to the Google Option Panel, allws you to choose between two mods for the Notification Bar (NORMAL or ENTIRE BAR)

Fixed Google+ Notification Bar, ENTIRE BAR mod


Now allows you to choose between two "fix" mods : the NORMAL one (only fixes the right part of the bar), and the ENTIRE BAR one (fixing the entire bar).

This script has been tested under both Firefox 5.0+ with Greasemonkey 0.9.6 and Chrome 12.0.742.112+.

Feedback appreciated.

Yeah well

I've thought about making this notification bar fixed on every Google site, but on part of them the whole bar is already fixed, and on others it's not necessary, so i only made it available for Google Plus (*) and Google Search (*)