Google+ Enhancer

By senseBOP Last update Jul 11, 2011 — Installed 29,672 times.

Script Summary: Enhances the user experience on Google+ and adds some additional features to it. It also makes the Google top bar display notifications for Gmail, Reader and Calendar, no matter what Google-website you're on.

Version: 1.0.7

This script is going to have an expanding feature set. Currently, it only does one thing: It adds notifications to the Google top bar, to inform you of nay unread items you might have in these Google products: Gmail, Reader and Calendar.

The way it's done is by adding a little red box to each tab on the Google top bar, with the unread count in it. This follows the style of the Google+ notifications, which provides for a simple and clean look.

This script now works on all pages that are accessible from the top bar. In addition to Google+, Gmail, Reader, Docs and Calendar, the script will now show notifications on the following products as well: iGoogle, Web, Images, Videos, News and Maps.

NOTE: You will need to have an active session in Gmail for the script to be able to pull in the unread count for all of the products. This is easily done by signing in to Gmail and then navigating away to which ever product you wish.

[Snapshot of enhanced top bar]
The enhanced top bar featuring notifications for unread items in Gmail, Calendar and Reader.

Next up...

Some form of quick filters for the Stream (no more Hangouts, anyone?)