Gmail UI

By Andrew Childs Last update Oct 27, 2011 — Installed 4,527 times.

Script Summary: UI tweaks to Gmail's new "Preview" theme

Version: 2011.10.27.001

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Gmail's new "Preview" theme with tighter margins/padding/line-height, larger next/prev buttons, misc. other pixel shifting. Tested to work in Chrome, Safari with GreaseKit, Mailplane, and Firefox.


I'm at the mercy of Google's cryptic, compiled HTML & CSS structure which means this could break at any moment. That said, I don't intend on going back to the stock Gmail UI, so I will probably be maintaining this for a bit.


- Fixed rendering issue
- Removed "from Google" from Gmail logo
- Header height tightened by 2px
- Search button margins tightened to 8px
- Corrected placement of Gmail logo
- Introduced delay before firing
- Corrected width of Email/Contacts/Tasks switcher
- Decreased list view row height to 27px
- Corrected positioning of "Manage This Domain" link
- Decreased list view row height to 27px
- Decreased line-height of labels by another 1px
- Widened "Compose Email" button to fit more naturally in the column
- Increased width of next/prev buttons from 20px to 40px
- Decreased whitespace around left and right edges of screen from 40px to 18px
- Decreased row height of list view by 2px
- Decreased line-height of labels by 3px