Google Reader Preview Plus

By Jordan117 Last update Jun 23, 2011 — Installed 3,101 times.

Script Summary: Replaces Google Reader's text summaries with a frame containing the full HTML webpage whenever an item in list view is expanded. Updated to work with Firefox 4.

With this script installed, expanding any item in Google Reader's "list view" will open a frame within Reader containing the full HTML website for that entry. This allows you to read and submit comments, navigate subscribed websites, and access content left out of preview-only feeds, all without having to leave your Google Reader tab!

The script's source code is easily customizable in two ways:

* You can adjust the height and width of the created frame (in pixels) in the second-to-last line of code.

* You can also specify which feeds get the frame treatment by editing the items in the "href.LastIndexOf..." column. The script applies to all feeds by default, but adding part of the feed URL to this list will make the script display the standard text summary instead. This is useful for things like webcomics, Twitter feeds, full-content blog posts, sites with ugly layouts (or ugly commenters), and other items where you want to see the content alone instead of loading the full page every time. The list already contains a few examples to demonstrate how it works; feel free to delete some if you'd like to view them in full.

You can find the URL for a feed by selecting that feed in Reader and clicking "Show details" in the top bar. Make sure to use the same formatting as the existing entries for the filtering to work correctly!

Adapted from George Saunders' original "Google Reader: Preview" script using a few snippets of code from xmurobi's similar "Google Reader Preview++" script for Firefox 4 compatibility. They're the real stars here -- I know next to nothing about Greasemonkey myself, and only uploaded this after I managed to figure out how to combine them to make the script work in Firefox 4. Share and enjoy!