InterfaceLift Resolutions Links

By user451 Last update Jun 18, 2011 — Installed 4,436 times.

Script Summary: Add links for specific resolutions if available

Version: 1.0

License: WTFPL;

This script add direct links to wallpapers for specific resolutions.
Links are added under the default resolution dropdown + download button.
It works on several pages of interfacelift, whether it is a gallery or detail of a wallpaper, ex:

It looks like this:

Another screenshot:

Links are using interfacelift styles, they fit nicely.
Links are simple with no javascript so that you can left or middle clic without issue.
Script was made with ascendant compatibility in mind. Could be improved thought... But it should continue to work even with minor changes in the interfacelift website.

This script works with Opera & GreaseMonkey at least. Probably ok with others browsers but haven't tested them yet...