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By znerp Last update Jul 20, 2010 — Installed 76,460 times.

Script Summary: Displays results for google image search, video search, wikipedia search, search and other language versions of wikipedia search alongside normal google searches.

To add wikipedia results for other language versions of wikipedia, there are options in the user script commands menu. This can be found whilst on a google results page by right clicking on the monkey in the bottom right, hitting "User Script Commands..." and then selecting the relevant option in that menu. This menu can also be accessed in "Tools", "Greasemonkey".

Update Log

  • 5-July-2007:
    • Initial release.
    • Better functionality for wikipedia, images added for wikipedia, google video images now link, google video images now in a 2x2 grid.
    • Image results now smaller but bigger on mouseover, slightly improved the wikipedia images, included all TLD's.
  • 6-July-2007:
    • Minor changes to styles and code. Should improve searches on wikipedia and
    • results now works better.
    • wikipedia results now works better.
    • Further improvement of wikipedia results, also links in both wikipedia and dictionary results now functional.
    • Disambiguation pages on wikipedia now show.
  • 8-July-2007:
    • Wikipedia and dictionary results now have a 300 pixels max height, and scroll if bigger than that.
    • Various other minor improvements.
    • Improved google image search for if there are few results.
  • 9-July-2007:
    • Video now works for all TLD's, thanks JackF.
    • 'Did you mean' now stays at the bottom if searches are spelt wrong.
    • Some other minor changes.
    • Improved video search to cope with <4 results.
  • 12-July-2007:
    • Dict.CN search added.
    • Icons added to rearrange the order of the searches.
    • Icons added to show or hide search results.
    • Preferences for ordering and showing/hiding remembered.
    • Google Video results now loads quicker.
    • Few other minor changes.
    • Dict.CN blue bar now doesn't show by default. This can be set to display via the script commands.
  • 12-September-2007:
    • 'goto' links now removed, links now on titles of sections.
    • Expanding options now gone, options shown by default.
    • Google images now shows full size image on mouseover, max height and width set to 500 pixels.
    • Disambiguation pages on wikipedia should now work better.
    • Bug with video links fixed.
    • Issues with hiding Dict.CN now fixed.
    • Probably a few other changes I've forgotten about.
  • 16-September-2007:
    • Google image search results now links to, rather than
    • Resizing the window now works better.
    • Wikipedia search results now doesn't display if no results are found.
  • 17-September-2007:
    • Google image search results no longer stretched if they're small.
    • Larger images now stick around if you mouseover them, so you can right-click them and view image. They disappear if you move the mouse further than 20 pixels though.
  • 15-October-2007: Minor fix to problem pointed out by Dawudd in the comments.
  • 8-November-2007: Now when putting the mouse over youtube thumbnail images for the videos, it will flick between three thumbnails for that link instead of staying on the one.
  • 9-November-2007: Minor bug with video linking now fixed.
  • 28-November-2007: Pink background to sponsored links no longer goes the whole way across the extra results.
  • 4-December-2007: Animated video images now have a 1 pixel green border to aid quick identification.
  • 9-December-2007: Description snippet taken from Google Video search results page now displays on mouseover of video thumbnails.
  • 2-March-2008: Minor fixes, thanks to Dark Ryder for pointing this out, and taking the time to suggest the fixes.
  • 3-March-2008: Another fix, thanks to Dawudd for pointing this out.
  • 10-March-2008: Includes tweaked as per Kerry1960 and dexter crowley's requests.
  • 20-April-2008: Fixed again to work for google video search results. Thanks to everyone who commented telling me about this bug, and sorry for the delay in the fix.
  • 30-May-2008: Fixed video search so it will display properly now. Thanks to those who pointed this out to me.
  • 19-June-2008:
    • Changed line 101 of the code to stop the message in the error console, thanks to WindBlade for the suggestion.
    • Added the stupid icons to the google homepage. Thanks to Mikado for supplying the code.
  • 25-June-2008: Changed links to icons to a data url instead of having it remotely hosted.
  • 26-June-2008: Tweaked the includes as per the requests in the comments.
  • 31-July-2008: Fixed for when there's no navbar, thanks to the users who posted this bug in the comments.
  • 5-August-2008: Fixed for changes to Google. Appearance should return to normal now.
  • 10-August-2008: Other language versions of wikipedia can now be added. Find the options in the user script commands menu (whilst on a google results page, right click on the monkey in the bottom right, hit "User Script Commands..." and then select the relevant option in that menu. This menu can also be accessed in "Tools", "Greasemonkey").
  • 13-November-2008: Fixed video link bug. Thanks to tonyaross for pointing this out.
  • 20-July-2010: Uploaded the version I'm running; I hadn't realised until today that I've not done this already.
    • Updated for Images and Video search results. Dictionary and Wikipedia results also need some tweaking; I should be able to look at this in the near future.
    • Added an auto-updater.

FAO: Chinese Users

The Dict.CN functionality has been removed from this script. I had a look at this earlier, and it didn't seem to be working any more. If you would like to keep this functionality though, stick to versions of this script updated before 10-August-2008.