KOC Power Tools - Official KoC Scripters Edition

By KoC Scripters Last update Mar 4, 2014 — Installed 605,186 times.

Script Summary: Enhancements and bug fixes for Kingdoms of Camelot. This is a new version which is being actively maintained by the official KoC Scripters team of programmers!

KOC Power Bot - Official KoC Scripters Edition

Our version of KoC Power Bot can be found here: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/101052


Creative Commons License
KOC Power Tools - Official KoC Scripters Edition by Koc Scripters is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at http://code.google.com/p/koc-power-tools/

Who are the "KoC Scripters"?

KoC Power Tools was created by the amazing George Jetson, and we have stepped up to continue and expand upon his work. This version of KoC Power Tools is actively developed by a team of programmers via the KoC Power Tools Google Code open-source project. This "KoC Scripters" userscripts.org account is a shared account designed for the purpose of publicly publishing any new updates to KoC Power Tools and KoC Power Bot. A number of us programmers share access to this account, so the updates found here are not limited to just one person.

Utilities for Kingdoms of Camelot on Facebook.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Power Tools is intended for use with KOC Power BOT, which is designed to handle all of the more automated aspects of the gameplay.
If you are new to using Grease Monkey scripts, please see the 'How do I use this?' link below the Green install button at the top.

Overview tab: Shows an overview of stats for each city. Updates in real-time. Screencap is here.

Marching tab: Shows you outgoing and incoming marches to and from your cities, embassies and wildernesses

Train tab: A quick and easy way to manually train troops.

Map tab: A domain map showing all the provinces, and displaying the locations of your cities, and distances to other locations.

Player tab: Search for players and/or alliance members. Sort list of alliance members by various parameters including distance from your cities and ascension protection remaining.

Knight tab: Show stats about all your knights and EASILY assign skill points.

Wilds tab: Show stats about all your wildernesses and EASILY set traps and mercenary levels.

Options tab: Allows you to enable/disable various features and KofC bug fixes!

Tower tab: Scans alliance reports and posts hostile reports to chat.

Reports tab: Search through yours or alliances reports.

Tournament tab: Display details of the current or previous tournament, without the glitches! Also show population regrowth and training speeds for each city.

Alliance tab: Search and sort alliance list.

Notes tab: Notes database for you to keep tabs on other players.

March tab: Quick and easy march tool, for attacking, scouting, reassigning or reinforcing.

IRC tab: IRC Chat functions.

UnitCalc tab: Information on troop attribute adjustments and statistics. (Imported from KoC Notebook by Perry Wong)

Accuracy tab: Accuracy matrix taken straight from game code. This shows how effective troops are against other troops!

KofC bug fixes:
  • Fix tower alert to show exact target - If it's a wilderness the coords of the wild will be shown.
  • Keep map coordinate box/bookmarks on top of troop activity.
  • Load capacity bug fix for load exceeding cap.
  • March size bug fix.
  • Show local time on chat posts.
... and many more!

  • Enhanced Alliance Reports. More intuitive layout. More information displayed. Attacks against alliance members show in red. Normal barbarian and wild attacks in gray. Attacks against owned wilds or friendly alliances in brown/bold.
  • Enhanced Messaging features. Includes a 'forward' button to easily forward any inbox message to another player. Also, an 'all officers' button in message compose window which allows you to send a message to all officers in your alliance.
  • Enhanced page navigation for messages and reports. Fixes KofC's clumsy and bug-ridden pagination. Allows you to go directly to any page and fixes the back button to return you to the page you were on.
  • Simple "city picker" component when marching to your own cities from the march screen.
... and much much more!

Version history
20140304a (r574)
  • Enable Throne Compare to handle 6 or more tiers
  • Highlight city button when ascension protection nearly expired
  • Updates for onagers and wall spaces
  • Make Popout Reports available for own reports
  • Popout Report improvements
  • Player notes improvements
  • Link to external report viewer
  • Fix for invalid Throne Tiers
  • New! Defend Tab
  • Add throne load buff to reinforce+max food
  • Fix march tab to include halberdiers
  • Rearrange Throne Room main display items for better visibility
  • Show province name on tool tips windows
20131202a (r533)
  • Report popup re-architect - New layout!
  • Mini-refresh patch
  • Updated with SVN version r531 (New baseline release)
Nov 2, 2010
  • Initial Official Release
Previous versions are here and here.