Multi-Column View of Google Search Results

By Ziru Last update Oct 9, 2009 — Installed 49,577 times.

Script Summary: Show Google Results in multiple columns. The default number of columns is set to 2. But it can be easily changed to other number using the Alt+1/2/3 shortcut.

Updated: * Alt-1/2/3 is binding to switch between the 1/2/3 column view. * remember the last used column mode * prevent from crowded columns if the window size is small

For those who are interested, here is a blog post about this script written by one user. Thanks to Virzin for introducing the script to more people.

Update(2009-10-08): Fix the script to work with Google Search's Ajax version which might also be related to the issue reported by yugushen & hsrstud some time back.

Update(2009-08-25): Relax the URL checking which might cause some problems for international users. Thanks to yugushen & hsrstud for reporting this.

Update(2009-08-11): Google has changed the page width today, which limits the column width. Script fixed to remove such limit. Thanks to Buzzy for reporting this.

Update(2009-04-21): Make it Chrome-compatible.

Update(2008-09-10): The script now covers non-US Google Searches as well.

Update(2008-09-05): Fix the script to work with Google Search's new layout.