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By brightcopy Last update Jan 18, 2013 — Installed 2,217 times.

Script Summary: Copies book data and automatically pastes it to a manual entry.

This script adds buttons for "Copy to library" and "Copy to wishlist" onto every Book Detail screen. When clicked, these buttons copy data from the book currently on screen and take you to the manual entry page. Data from the previous screen is pasted into the fields on the manual entry screen. The collection is set to either Your Library or Wishlist depending on which button was clicked.

The following data is copied, if available:

  • Title
  • Author (including role)
  • Date
  • Publication
  • ISBN
  • LCCN
  • Dewey
  • Languages (primary, secondary and original)
  • Other authors and roles

Due to it having a very complicated (and frankly, gross) data structure, the physical data such as pages and dimensions are not copied.

Comments, reviews, ratings or other user-specific data is not copied. You can copy your own books as well, but this personal information will not be automatically copied over.

Book Details showing two new buttons

Result of clicking Add to library

Result of clicking Add to wishlist