Facebook Poke O' Matic

By Wizputer Last update Mar 15, 2009 — Installed 19,644 times.

Script Summary: Poke all button, with option to auto poke-all. Dialog of attempted pokees, and removes pokee from sidebar on success. A built in configurable poke limit with an override prompt. Displays poke counter with the limit. Pokes section hide button.

Please also install the Facebook application: http://apps.facebook.com/pokeomatic

====== Features ======

  • Poke All Button
  • Option to automatically poke all at every homepage visit
  • Configurable poke limit (default: 100 every 24hrs) with an override prompt when the limit is reached
  • Always display the "Pokes" section for the poke limit counter and auto poke all toggle
  • Hide button for the "Pokes" section
  • Toggle Poke Stats logging

====== Change Log ======
[2007-06-24][1.0][Initial release]
[2007-06-25][1.1][Poke counter bug fix and added display of the poke counter.]
[2007-06-26][1.2][Added a button to reset the poke counter when it's reached and the counter is updated when poking.]
[2007-06-26][1.3][Added "Pokes" section even when no pokes; this is for people to see the poke counter and enable/disable auto-poke. Also added a "hide" button to hide the "Pokes" section.]
[2007-06-27][1.4][Rewrote the way the script searches for pokes.]
[2007-07-09][1.5][Added Poke Stats logging. (Requires the Poke Stats application to be installed to your profile only, not either user script)]
[2008-07-30][1.6][Removed Facebook dialogs for Firefox 3 compatibility, added new FB layout compatibility and updated Pokes Stats link ]
[2009-03-15][1.6.1][Updated script for new Facebook layout]

====== Known Bugs ======
After clicking some links in Facebook, the location URL becomes /somepage.php/home.php which causes the script not to load.

Send an email to wizputer@wizputer.net if you have any bugs, comments or suggestions