KOC Power Bot - Official KoC Scripters Edition

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Script Summary: Automated features for Kingdoms of Camelot. This is an official release by members of the official KoC Power Bot team who have decided to continue development of the project.

KOC Power Tools - Official KoC Scripters Edition

Our version of the KOC Power tools can be found here: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/103659


Creative Commons License
KOC Power Bot - Fork of the official version. by Koc Scripters is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at http://code.google.com/p/koc-power-bot/.

Who are the "KoC Scripters"?

KoC Power Bot is actively developed by a team of programmers via the KoC Power Bot Google Code open-source project. This "KoC Scripters" userscripts.org account is a shared account designed for the purpose of publicly publishing any new updates to KoC Power Tools and KoC Power Bot. A number of us programmers share access to this account, so the updates found here are not limited to just one person.

Automated features for Kingdoms of Camelot on Facebook.

Power BOT is intended to be used with KOC Power TOOLS (KoC Scripters Team Edition) and is a collaborative effort between a number of community members.

Bug reports should be made on our development site at googlecode, where issues can be tracked. We will not respond to bug reports here at userscripts!

If you are new to using Grease Monkey scripts, please see the 'How do I use this?' link below the Green install button at the top.


Tower tab: Quickly change defend mode of all cities. When an incoming attack is detected, send SMS text message to your phone and/or post incoming attack information to alliance chat. Play sound alert when an attack is incoming.

Build tab: Queue up buildings to be built automatically!

Craft tab: Automatically craft items in spires

Reassign tab : Set up troop reassignment rules between cities so certain troops automatically get moved to another city.

Search tab: Does a live search for wildernesses or barbarian camps, and allows you to export the results of a barbarian search to KOCattack!

Attack tab: Set up automated attacks on wilds, barb camps or other cities.

Transport tab : Set up trade routes between cities to automatically send resources.

Raid tab : Automatically resets your raid timers.

Train tab : Automatically train troops, including ascension troops.

Dark Forest tab: Set up automated searches and attacks on those elusive dark forests!

Ascension tab: Manage your cities ascension levels and status.

Throne tab: Upgrade, salvage, organise and compare throne room items

Apothecary tab: Automatically revive wounded troops.

Farm tab: Set up automated farming of dormant (or not so dormant) cities in your immediate location.

Champions tab: Upgrade, salvage, organise and compare champion hall equipment

Population tab: Control city population by setting up training queues and dismissing troops.

...and much much more!

More information is available at our WIKI

Other Translations (not maintained)

German version
Italian version

Version History

20140227a (r1699)
  • Add Journeyman's Token option for Champ Upgrades
  • Fixed Transport load buff calculation
  • Fixed Guardian auto-change bug
  • Updated throne uniques
  • Fixed Reverse transport bug when not enough resources
  • Increase max on tower troop threshold to 1500000
  • More auto-dismiss troop options
  • Fixed Tower double-posting
  • Fixed Throne room display for "bad" items
  • Fixed Update champion item names in queue
  • Add option to reset gifting database
  • Split map info display into 2 options (Player&Might, and Level)
  • Show Province in city tooltips
  • Fixed misc bugs in autofarm
20131202g (r1682)
  • Custom tower text by city
  • Tower alert bug-fixes
  • Tower alert for missed/expired attacks
  • Add Statues to throne options
  • Added Champion ID
  • Updated with SVN version r1671 (New baseline release)
Jan 28, 2011 (20110128a)
  • Initial official release

Additional Notes

Previous versions can be found here and here