KoC Advanced PowerBot

By DalePMay Last update Apr 22, 2011 — Installed 6,290 times.

Script Summary: Automation tools for building, searching, gifts, etc.

Original code taken from this script: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/95542
Changes I have made from the original version:

04/22/2011 - On the Tower tab, for the posting attack alert to alliance chat, changed the maximum acceptable value for the minimum troops box from 120k to 225k (lvl 11 rally point plus an auro of conquest can send 225k troops in a single wave).

04/18/2011 - Fixed the wide screen and chat on right.

04/12/2011 - Currently working on the Gifts functionality. Will be fixed soon. No, seriously!

04/11/2011 - Changed some of the default options like Chat On Right, Faire Killer, and a couple others. Also working on the Transport tab.

Original features:
Building queues
Gift acceptor
Search with export function
Transport resources automatically at certain levels (currently in progress)