LibraryThing Work Editions Grid

By brightcopy Last update Apr 8, 2013 — Installed 1,424 times.

Script Summary: Changes the editions display on the work pages to a sortable grid.

Version: 2

License: Public Domain

Creates a sortable grid for the work editions list. By default, simple sorting is done by simply clicking on a column (again the reverse the sort). In each column, subsequent appearances of the same text are grayed out to help highlight different matches. When comparing variants for graying, it ignores case and spaces, as well as non-alphanumeric characters (e.g. "Apocalipsis (The Stand)" is treated the same as "Apocalipsis / The Stand").

By clicking on the lightning bolt icon, multi-column sorting can be achieved. When in multi-column sort mode, numbers will appear next to the sort showing the sort order. The last column clicked will be added to the end of the sort order.

Title, author and ISBN can be clicked on to open searches for each. This is most useful when clicking to open these searches in a new tab or window.

The last column contains and icon for the separation link. This link is changed so it can be opened in a new tab or window. To improve readability, row colors alternate and a line is drawn every fifth row.

Above the grid there is a link to toggle between the grid and the original editions list. This allows you to see exactly what the original looked like. It also allows you to see other info like the media type designators that are currently not in the grid:

An additional feature highlights all editions with the ISBN of the book that you are currently looking: