DashPlus - Ask box on Dashboard for Tumblr

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Script Summary: Send messages without having to leave the dashboard.

Version: 2.5.0

Description and Features

This alters Tumblr's dashboard to let you send messages without leaving the dashboard.

All you need to do is hover over a user's icon in the dashboard, click the "(i)" button in the lower right corner, and hit the Ask button. The button has been altered to open up a dialog box on the Dashboard instead of opening the user's page.

Hey look! New feature! (v1.1) Message Replies:

Now it adds a link to message posts that allows you to send a message to the person who asked the question!

Another new feature! (v1.2) Inbox Replies:
While you may still just click the avatar in Tumblr's unified inbox to reply, there is now an added "Reply" button to responses that were answered privately.

Note: This script will not stop the functionality of middle-clicking the link, or right clicking the link, to open it in a new tab.

Chrome Users

You will need to download and install the Tampermonkey add-on prior to trying to install this script.

Browser Support

Tested on Firefox 4, Windows 7.
Briefly tested on Chrome, Windows 7.

Change log

-v 2.5.0—Re-added the ask box to the dashboard, since apparently Tumblr disabled their own. Fixed everything because everything broke. Apparently I never actually released 2.4.

-v 2.3.0—Fixed layout issues from an update to Tumblr's ask form; Updated some styles.

-v 2.2.2—New branding.

-v 2.2.1—No features/fixes. Implemented this fix for previous jQuery issues, and reverted previous jQuery patches to normal syntax. Everything is clean and shiny now.

-v 2.2.0—The script kept interfering with Tumblr's jQuery, so I renamed some variables to hopefully stop the interference (This fixes a problem causing the [↑] scroll to top button to no work on the dashboard). Also fixed a small error that was popping up with anonymous answers on the dashboard.

-v 2.1.0—VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE! Script breaks a lot of stuff on Tumblr if it's not updated.

-v 2.0.0—Rewrote most of the script. Removed unnecessary code, changed to a different popup script, and the code should be much less resource intensive. It is also now compatible with Tampermonkey for Chrome.

-v 1.4.0—Fixed /inbox replies. The "reply" button now shows up where the "answer" button will show up on normal asks.

-v 1.3.3—Added /tagged/.

-v 1.3.2—Fixed the script to account for Tumblr's change from having the "/tumblelog/" URL to "/blog/"

-v 1.3.0—Added a confirmation dialog for the Unfollow button.

-v 1.2.0—Added a new reply button to private answers in the unified inbox.

-v 1.1.3—Still trying to get rid of a bug.

-v 1.1.2—Hopefully fixed a bug.

-v 1.1.1—Added Chrome support

-v 1.1.0—More efficient and less memory intensive; Now let's you send messages back to people who asked a question.

-v 1.0.4—Slight modification for the new Dashboard. The old version was sometimes blocked by the top menu.

-v 1.0.2—Oh god. I accidentally uploaded a broken version for 1.0.1. Terribly sorry about that.

-v 1.0.1—Slight modification to stop the script from hanging up when the dashboard has been scrolled far down.