EightSixTwo - modified to allow a list of websites

By Jonathan Guidry Last update Mar 28, 2011 — Installed 577 times.

Script Summary: An extension for distraction affliction correction. Adds a 30 second delay to the display of specified web pages you open in your browser.

Version: 0.1

License: MIT

This is based on the XKCD comic and blog post about inserting a 30-second page load delay to destroy the reward cycle that internet surfing can give you.

Modified from EightSixTwo to allow for specifying a list of websites to delay for 30 seconds. You will have to edit the Greasemonkey script, near the top of the script you will see where it specifies an array of addresses. You can modify this with your own list of addresses.

My javascript is atrocious, I'm sure, I hope you'll forgive me. Have barely coded in years and had to make heavy use of Google to build this.

If anybody else wants to jump in and modify this to assign variable delays - for example, a much longer delay on Netflix and Hulu, which can suck up inordinate amounts of time - I'd be most appreciative!