(dm) Deviant Art Gallery Ripper

By dmscripter Last update Apr 16, 2014 — Installed 19,133 times.

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5 stars
A must have for DeviantArt users. , Mar 21, 2013
Review written by slenderkid - see all my reviews (1)

Thanks you a lot for that script. It do what it said and it's working fine. I was able to see all images post by an artist cosily without the boring
- previous clic< clic on the next image< double clic to expend and it doen't fill all th screen - that DeviantArt require when we really want to browse folders.


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5 stars
Awesome script! , Apr 19, 2011
Review written by mrgamer - see all my reviews (1)

This is nothing less than awesome, really great work!

It still works and will continue to work, don't abuse it or DA admins will be forced to edit the site for avoid hammering...
Great job again!

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5 stars
Excellent work! , Jul 8, 2013
Review written by Rebecca Menessec - see all my reviews (23)

Works exactly the way it says.

Hope a later version is better-integrated into the dA interface.

Great work!

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5 stars
Great Script , Jul 28, 2013
Review written by Astrals - see all my reviews (21)

This works great click button copy url's.

"Works as advertised"


5 stars , Apr 16, 2014
Review written by voopmings - see all my reviews (9)

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5 stars
Excellent! , Jan 13, 2013
Review written by kentaskis - see all my reviews (2)

Excellent script!


5 stars
wonderful! , Mar 25, 2013
Review written by artaeun - see all my reviews (1)

It works perfectly! Thanks a bunch!!!


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4 stars
Love, love, love it , Jan 14, 2014
Review written by Tommy Smith - see all my reviews (6)

Helped me back up all my photos and stuff
Only one suggestion: it would be nice if the script could actually download all those images rather than just giving the url list. I know it's a long shot but that would be ideal
Still really helpful though, thank you

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3 stars
Nice script,, but little bugs , Jul 30, 2013
Review written by Kaioshin213 - see all my reviews (1)

The script is nearly working fine.
But there are 2-3 little things why I just can't use it now.

It really often forgets the original size download link and links only the biggest thumbnail of it. Sometimes it doesn't even that and links only the smallest thumbnail version of the picture.
I know, you wrote on your update news, that there is a problem with download stuff and that sometimes page-picture and download have the same url.
Well, download link and pic have the same url when the user allowed full size on page.
Ful size pictures have a http://fc0**/f/* address.
But all thumbnail-sizes have a http://fc****/i/ address.
The smalles thumbnails a http://th0*.dev.../PRE/.. in it.
Shouldn't it be possible to say the script it's supposed to search for a .../f/... address? Or to take the .../i/ one if the .../f/... isn't there because the owner removed the download for whatever reason?

I don't wanna know if how much pictures I just downloaded the biggest thumbnail version before I noticed they aren't the real size versions.. I just gladly found out about the smallest thumbs a the beginning..

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1 star
Stealing is WRONG. , Feb 20, 2012
Review written by Midget Penguin - see all my reviews (6)

Don't support thrift.