Beyond Business Tycoon Online

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More Frustrating than BTO Itself , Mar 31, 2013
Review written by Gong Show - see all my reviews (1)

This script is garbage. It's a MILLION times MORE frustrating trying to get it to work and understanding how to use it in comparison to dealing with BTO's interface. What a complete joke. The script is intended to make me LESS frustrated, not infuriated..

If the developers want it to appeal to a wider audience, consider providing an EASY TO FIND instruction manual or something.

Simply pathetic.

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4 stars
Great script , Oct 9, 2012
Review written by YusufR - see all my reviews (1)

the script is too good but many kind of bugs in script too... when i installed it that time my arena employee attire disappeared from them..
but overall script is saving too much time.. the best feature is ultimate training .. its really saving too many time of me
Thanks BBTO

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5 stars
How did I play without this?!? , Sep 7, 2011
Review written by Luminoire - see all my reviews (1)

You will spend the first few days post-installation playing with your jaw slackened in awe and amazement. Then you'll probably kick yourself a few times for not getting it sooner. Eventually, you will find your enjoyment levels have at least tripled. The Ultimate Training management feature alone makes the game immensely more enjoyable. The groan-inducing, tedious aspects of the game are virtually eliminated by BBTO. Much love for the devs!

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5 stars
Aaaaaaaaaaaawesome script , Jul 21, 2011
Review written by eye8urcake - see all my reviews (1)

Thank you thank you thankyouthankyouthankyou! I have a lot of problems with this script that aren't in the forum (but will be when I get the chance) and even WITH those problems this saves me soooooo much time and aggravation!

Thank you oh so SO so much for making this. I don't get why the devs at BTO don't improve the interface but then I guess when all you spend time and money on as an organization is creating new ways to get old players to spend more money, things like functionality and efficiency go by the wayside.

I -will- be donating ASAP.

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5 stars
Great tool: this just keeps BTO running! , May 2, 2012
Review written by Tokra - see all my reviews (1)

Well, as stated in the title, in my opinion, this tool is the only reason the lower servers are still a little bit populated! It is a great help in maintaining your account alive even when you are very busy in real life. Keep it up guys!

overall functionality is GREAT, dev is responsive to error reports, very userfriendly.
I recommend this to every B.TO player

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5 stars
Suggestion , May 27, 2011
Review written by Blueberry Red - see all my reviews (1)

This script is fantastic, thank you very much for writing it for us. I just have a small suggestion. For the BBTO Extended section, under "Unassign Employees from Stores", could you also add the option to unassign employees from our mansion too?

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5 stars
Excellent tool , Feb 18, 2012
Review written by kingof10pets - see all my reviews (1)

Saving tons of time, less frustrated and very usefriendly tool. This tool just made my life easier, thanks a lot.


5 stars
Simply great! , Nov 16, 2011
Review written by Senick - see all my reviews (1)

Probably would have quit this game without this add-on.


5 stars
Best BTO Script Ever!!! , Oct 22, 2011
Review written by Sting Ray - see all my reviews (1)

"In the beginning, there was BTO, not perfect - it simply was. Then came Beyond BTO and for the first time, Liberty City began to shine..."

Thanks for an awesome and inspiring script! I now look forward to playing BTO because of those mighty efforts that went into making this script and will donate to support the cause!

Well done!