Rapidshare+Megaupload download helper

By Lijun Last update Jan 3, 2012 — Installed 20,611 times.

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megaupload , Dec 11, 2011
Review written by jd99 - see all my reviews (1)

Now does not work on megaupload, please update, thank you!


1 star
dumbass , Nov 13, 2011
Review written by cybergon - see all my reviews (2)

You can't get rid of the wait time, it is set by uncontrollable forces of nature aka the upload servers. Also to the coder, it seems like it doesn't work with rs. My guess is that the dl button starts normal but promptly switches to countdown so the script thinks it's clickable. Consider adding a delay of a couple seconds.


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4 stars
Improves MegaUpload , Jun 25, 2011
Review written by hufman - see all my reviews (2)

Automatically clicks through to download links from MegaUpload. Doesn't remove the 45 second wait, though.