eBay Price Total Mod

By causeless Last update Sep 30, 2012 — Installed 17,867 times.

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4 stars
It works, as of 12/1/2012 , Dec 1, 2012
Review written by script fan - see all my reviews (24)

The text overlaps, but it works as stated. Huge improvement over the eBay standard. Why doesn't eBay do this by default?

Screen shot:



4 stars
Does what it says on the tin. , Jan 26, 2011
Review written by Demeiz - see all my reviews (5)

Very nice script here.

Adds both the postage and actual cost together and displays it in bold next to price.

Screenshot: http://img600.imageshack.us/img600/9683/screen1...

Only downfall is if the item is listed as an auction and buy it now. The two prices are displayed together with no gap.

Overall top quality script!

Keep up the good work.

(blah blah blah disclaimer, didn't see any trackers, cookie stealers, viruses, external links or whatever in the code.)


4 stars
Does the job - may be needs refinement , Jan 26, 2011
Review written by lorriman - see all my reviews (3)

Slightly rough looking font: much bigger than the original. Makes things look clunky.

The original price is below the calculated price and distracts the eye even though the new price is much bigger. Shipping is still present as well, even though the price now include sit. Uncomfortable viewing experience (for me). Perhaps the redundant numbers need greying out instead?

No options. I don't want this for auctions, only for non-auctions.