Better, enhanced YouTube alternative player - JW Player

By clicker Last update Feb 5, 2012 — Installed 37,196 times.

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No fonctionnal , Feb 17, 2014
Review written by Bullebulle - see all my reviews (9)

No fonctionnal


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Good , Feb 7, 2012
Review written by ksrgroup - see all my reviews (1)

I had pixelation problem in full screen youtube videos, this one solved it. Thanks to the developer for writing such a beautiful script and making jw as an alternative video player.

Some videos still play in youtube style....hope this corrected soon.

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5 stars
Amazing! , Dec 16, 2011
Review written by Pickle Nickle - see all my reviews (1)

I love it! I would like to see this script stay active and continually being updated as JW Player is updated. I really appreciate Clicker for making this.

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Good deal , Nov 13, 2011
Review written by Maxcod2 - see all my reviews (22)

There is an error only.


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Bye-bye annoying flash-based ads... , Oct 20, 2011
Review written by Steven Lawrence - see all my reviews (2)

EDIT: Forget what I wrote below. I was wrong. Somehow the Google's IDIOT AD CODE makes its way into the JWPlayer as well. So back to the drawing board - the annoying morons are still in charge.

What I wrote that was wrong:

The one beautiful thing about this player - NO MORE ANNOYING (flash-based) Youtube ads that appear over the video that you have to click down!

I don't mind sidebar ads, like Google's, because they have to make money. But the Youtube player has all kinds of additional (AND ANNOYING) ad delivery code written right into their player. The JWPlayer DOES NOT have such code, so you don't see all the extra CRAPOLA that Youtube wants to pepper you with. That's why I installed this, and it is a dream for that reason alone.

To those who wanted to "monetize" their videos - tough beans.

Oh, happy days are here again!

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About This Script , May 26, 2011
Review written by SHULZY21 - see all my reviews (1)

This is an awesome alternative hope you add more compatible player alternatives.


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embeding , Mar 20, 2011
Review written by Keudn - see all my reviews (1)

great script, but can you fix the problem with some videos dont let you embed and the player automatically wants to embed, thus not allowing you to even play the video. itd be nice if u could add an option to disable embeding or just remove it completly


5 stars
Good script! , Jan 22, 2011
Review written by ewank - see all my reviews (13)

Thanks for this nice script