Ikariam Bauliste

By Karandaras Last update May 3, 2011 — Installed 4,375 times.

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simple, fast, usefull , Jan 18, 2011
Review written by urmelie.de - see all my reviews (1)

I tried auto-build before but now I'm happy that I found this little script. Bauliste can be used like a notepad. You click the buildings you want to increase and you see them on the list.
The colors makes it easy to figure out if you just have to wait until the mindes produced enouigh resources or if the isle doesn't have all the resources. Wonderfull is that it tells you how long it will take the mine to produce the goods so that you can build this level. If you build the level it is automatically deleted from the list.
Also very nice ist the differenciation by cities (which is not so clear with autobuild).

Things to improve:
- the button to delete an item is very large. Smaller would be nice.
- The text that indicates what items are missing should show up quicker on mouse-over

Thanks for this wonderfull script! You made my day :-)