Big Map Multilung

By Stardust_gr Last update Dec 20, 2010 — Installed 16,592 times.

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5 stars
Modifications made , Feb 24, 2011
Review written by Tatianaz92 - see all my reviews (1)

I don't know javascript, but I took this script and made changes by trial and error. I have made modification that can work for most sizes - 14x14, 21x21, 28x28, 35x35, 49x49 and so on. I will like to upload the script but I will like to give my thanks to the owner of this script for such a nice original big map. Can you please tell me how to thank the owner of a script in another modified version of the script?


5 stars
I like it , Jan 31, 2011
Review written by vlad_kr - see all my reviews (2)

for a long time searching utility for the map. This one is more convenient to work, beautiful. If the developers will add size 14x14 or 12x12 - I will be grateful