By Dark Michael Last update May 29, 2011 — Installed 35,548 times.

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1 star
help , Dec 16, 2010
Review written by Jacen - see all my reviews (1)

Uhm when I installed this facebook stopped working and it is now only white screen

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2 stars
New way to collect bonuses , May 30, 2011
Review written by Michael... - see all my reviews (5)

Currently I dont have a need for this Script any more. Found a better gift accepter.


Chrome and Firefox versions available


3 stars
not working , Apr 1, 2011
Review written by samanthabland - see all my reviews (1)

its not working on ff 4 its has been up til today now it won't


4 stars
Works with FF6.02 and new Facebook if... , Sep 25, 2011
Review written by scottyabc - see all my reviews (3)

This stopped working with the new Facebook rollout. I found a fix simply by modifying the script to change http to https. This mod works with Farmville as of 9-24-2011. The other games will need to verify their respective links and make the script changes accordingly.


4 stars
Not working for Farmville , Jan 5, 2011
Review written by The Champ - see all my reviews (1)

The new updated script is not working properly for farmville.

i hav use it 4 fv only so i donno whether its working 4 others or nt


4 stars
Found script not continue running. , Apr 27, 2011
Review written by pruang - see all my reviews (1)

As for script is great idea and almost requests from another user was accept except Thank you click not working just wait manual click.


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5 stars
works great , Feb 2, 2011
Review written by maydaya - see all my reviews (1)

this script works great. would be nice if it works for monster world too...

thank you for this script!


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5 stars
Thankfull , Dec 18, 2010
Review written by Lycano - see all my reviews (2)

This is a great script - I've tested and used it with both Firefox and Google Chrome. For someone who receives many gifts a day, this can be a big time saver. Thank you for all you time and effort in creating this.


5 stars
Good job! , Dec 10, 2010
Review written by raimisyazwan - see all my reviews (2)

Good jop! Keep it update Michael..


5 stars
Accepting , Dec 8, 2010
Review written by Xander22484 - see all my reviews (3)

Works great at accepting.