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By dakam Last update Jun 11, 2012 — Installed 1,389,788 times.

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5 stars
awesome , Aug 26, 2011
Review written by Lynn E - see all my reviews (1)

Appreciate the speedy updates to all the MW changes that are thrown your way. TY for the Autoheal too!


5 stars
help needed , Aug 22, 2011
Review written by Saskia - see all my reviews (1)

I started using it a month ago, and boy did I love it, But since 2 weeks it is not working anymore and when trying to reinstall it I get this error: Script could not be installed TypeError: this._initScriptDir is not a function. Anybody can help me with this. I want this great tool back and I want to say a big thanks to Dakam for making it


5 stars
Awesome Addon that stays updated! New for 4.5!!!! , Aug 21, 2011
Review written by PhishyOcelot - see all my reviews (1)

I really respect people like Dakam, they don't get paid and he works his ass off to bring us this awesome mafia wars tool. I know a little bit about selfless community action (i'm one of the top contributors for the MW wiki) so it really speaks spades about his character AND his product. Awesome job dude! Now you just need to open your own site, put the download there, add a few google adds and make some money for yourself eh?


5 stars
Outstanding Work!! , Aug 21, 2011
Review written by BudoMonk - see all my reviews (1)

Mad Props to Dakam and all those who helped out to patch up the script while D was out of commission! This script is beyond awesome and is probably one of the reasons I still play Mafia Wars.... Keep up the great work!!!!!!!


5 stars
WELCOME BACK D.!! <3 , Aug 21, 2011
Review written by imag1nation - see all my reviews (3)

Thank you so much for all you do and everything you went through to make this program possible for the betterment of the game for everyone.
Your an amazingly talented guy - keep up the great work!!
And I hope your new gear is everything you wanted... and more.
So glad to see you back!!

And a special shout out and kudos for the writers that were able to help maintain what they could while you were out of commission -- Hugs to all!!
It's going to be a great day!! :)


5 stars
Review , Aug 21, 2011
Review written by jappe - see all my reviews (1)

A very, very, very helpful tool for all the Mafia Wars players out there :) This script is well maintained and updated. For example if Facebook/Zynga change something, dakam does it propably in the next 24 hours. Love it!


5 stars
the best MW helper ever , Aug 11, 2011
Review written by mwkitty - see all my reviews (1)

I want to congratulate you guys, this is the very best helper for MW......
Keep on, I will be lost without it....




5 stars
This is a Great Script for Mafia Wars Hands Down , Aug 3, 2011
Review written by LeeWasHere - see all my reviews (2)

Some People say its broken or doesnt work or has issues.

The reality is a script can only do so much needs constant updating anytime facebook and or mafia wars makes changes.

Another factor is computers without latest flash java and the like and having temps and cache piling up in the gigabytes (yes default windows cleaner doesnt get em all ... use CCleaner from ive used it since 2004 btw).

As a fellow programmer myself not javascript thou... I do realize that once the script is perfect its easily imperfect the next hour or the next day or the next week because of the constant changing of things on the web some are insane changes.

The bottom line is this FB MW Addon Rocks nuff said.


5 stars
Not Working , Aug 2, 2011
Review written by Shahjahan Ahmed - see all my reviews (1)

script not running since 4am


5 stars
Multi Gifter Problem , Jul 31, 2011
Review written by Low Hing Wai - see all my reviews (1)

it repeat sending till suppose send 50 but it sent 50 and then 50 again and non stop,, please fix