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By dakam Last update Jun 11, 2012 — Installed 1,388,260 times.

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5 stars
Very Good , Feb 2, 2011
Review written by Skers - see all my reviews (1)

MafiaWars Addon is great


4 stars
it's gooooood... , Feb 1, 2011
Review written by Gman64 - see all my reviews (6)

Very handy feautures !
I use PS Mafia Autoplayer but fall back on this addon everytime ...

Suggestions for improvement if i may ;-)

-option to autopost stashes/coins/ices in battlefield.
-gift accepter (with options for accepting specific ones and leaving some for later)
-Auto-do Personal Missions (the new type at mission-bar)

Keep up the good work !


5 stars
Fantastic! , Jan 29, 2011
Review written by Aimless - see all my reviews (1)

I've avoided scripts, but this automation is just great. Smooth interface that blends seamlessly into the MW application. The first time I ran the 'Home Feed Center' I just sat back and giggled - it was terrific.


5 stars
Simply BRILLIANT :) , Jan 27, 2011
Review written by qazaa - see all my reviews (1)

The best one I have seem so far for Mafia Wars. it rocks :)


5 stars
Excellent , Jan 23, 2011
Review written by foxfyre123 - see all my reviews (1)

I started using this script almost six weeks ago I think. The updates are often and useful. This app is by far the best and easiest for free gifts, mission links, etc. Hats off to the developer :) You made things so much easier. LOVE the no-frame.

Mafia Wars Addict


5 stars
Best MW Script in the Game , Jan 22, 2011
Review written by Chris Scott - see all my reviews (1)

As much as I'd like to keep this one all to myself, as soon as word get's out about what an incredible tool this is, everyone's going to want it. The creator keeps it up to date and when something does go wrong, which it will as in all programs/scripts, he responds to discussion questions immediately and fixes. Only had one issue and his help was tremendous. Thanks for this great tool. I'd easily pay money for this one.


5 stars
What i like? , Jan 8, 2011
Review written by cheetos - see all my reviews (1)

Always updated.

Work in chrome without monkey things. no Unframe.

Fighting made easy with blacklist & whitelist option.

Publish Gift with "get" instead of "ask".

Much more items than link-a-nator(Gifting bookmarklet)

Making operation link made easy with tiny url/ with API code)

I think this is a top choice MafiaWars extension. Cheers!!!


5 stars
You Rock! , Jan 2, 2011
Review written by spaljeni - see all my reviews (5)

This thing is great.

It works with MWAP and is just what I needed to make the game even more fun.

Keep up the good work!


5 stars
Awesome!! , Dec 25, 2010
Review written by businessman - see all my reviews (1)

Is has great layout, functionality, and efficiency (speed). Excellent work. Keep making them.


5 stars
Nice work!! =) , Dec 24, 2010
Review written by ~Trickstar~ - see all my reviews (2)

This script is GREAT!! It handles time consuming tasks in the blink of an eye!! And it has a great lay out! And better yet... no need to un-frame the MW page to use it!!